Holy Lama Naturals ‘Hair Boon’ Review


I received this Holy Lama Naturals hair boon travel set (£10) in my last Souk Souk beauty box and I’ve only just got around to reviewing it for some reason (I’m so sorry the picture is slightly out of focus – I didn’t realise until I viewed it on my laptop screen and I’d used the products by then – lesson learned). Holy Lama is an all women enterprise and supports women from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is also Vegan Society approved.


Yogi Soap

I love how this came with it’s own bamboo leaf soap dish – gorgeous touch. This soap has a beautiful fresh flowery scent, it foams up well and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. I felt this was too scented to use on any sensitive areas which includes my face but it’s a great hand soap.

Rating 4/5


Aaargh! Now as you’ll know by now I have very coarse high-maintenance hair – granted but this shampoo turned it into a mass of matted straw. I was actually scared I’d have to take the scissors to it! I can only recommend this for people with greasy hair or roots in conjunction with the moisturising conditioner.

Rating 0/5


I used the whole tub of this luxuriously creamy conditioner, I had to to combat the effects of the shampoo! It worked magic though and left my hair feeling soft and manageable. I was very impressed and relieved.

Rating 5/5

Hair Oil

I adore this stuff! I used a little of this before shampooing (I realise now I should have used more) and I applied some to towel dried hair after conditioning. It worked like a mild gel and calmed my hair, added shine and gentle hold. My curls stayed defined after they had dried and had natural movement to them.

Rating 5/5

Personally I’d recommend buying the products individually unless you are going on holiday, in which case this handwoven basket of mini products might come in really handy.

Overall rating 3.5/5

Have you heard of Holy Lama products before?

Chrissie xx

20 Sensory Things I love


  1. Bubble wrap. Stamping on it or twisting it until non of it pops any more.
  2. Really chewy things like solid caramels, Black Jacks and fruit salads or cola bottles.
  3. Long tight hugs.
  4. Splashing through puddles.
  5. The feel of rubber grips on tools or those wobbly buttons on remote controls.
  6. Strong hot food and sour food. Garlic and chilli stir fry, fizzy sweets, grapefruit and curries.
  7. Stamping on closed polystyrene food containers and that dull cracking noise.
  8. Long tight-ish jumpers/cardigans where I can pull the sleeves over my hands.
  9. The gentle rocking of a train or the rise and fall of a ferry journey.
  10. Squishy things filled with water.
  11. Crunchy food especially the biscuit in cheesecake.
  12. Sitting right in the corner of the sofa or having a big cushion against me.
  13. Pillow fights! The heavy IKEA memory foam ones – I don’t mess about lol
  14. Having my back and shoulders really tightly tucked up in the duvet.
  15. Tightly holding glass marbles in my palm and grinding them together which sounds great and better for me than grinding my teeth!
  16. Just standing in the sea and feeling the push and pull of the waves.
  17. The squeaking of old leather boots.
  18. That scrunching sound fresh snow makes when you walk on it.
  19. Soft fluffy things like faux fur, chenille blankets, dressing gowns, bunnies.
  20. The feel of walking on soft wet sand or through crunchy Autumn leaves.

autumn leaves new_0

Apparently because I’m mainly (I’d say 80%) under-sensitive to a lot of things I’m a ‘seeker’ because I need to seek out sensory things, rather than wanting to avoid them.

I’d say everyone can identify with at least some of the things in this list, which ones do like?

Chrissie xxx

Dr. Organic – Organic Aloe Vera Gel

What do you do when all of the products in your cupboards are cruelty free except the Savalon/ Sudocrem? Well I threw the last of mine out and went back to a simpler more moisturising solution: Aloe Vera gel. This one contains Tea Tree which is a wonderful anti-bacterial oil and Arnica which helps to bring down inflammation and redness.



  • Paraben free
  • No artificial colours, fragrances or harsh preservatives
  • Organic
  • Resposibly resourced ingredients


  • Moisturises dry skin
  • Antibacterial
  • Stops the itch of mosquito bites
  • Soothes
  • Cools
  • Helps to fade new stretch marks and scars


A rather dozy mosquito must have gotten lost on the way to The Bloke and bit me instead. OMG it was so itchy! I put a small dab of this now very red area I’d been scratching and it cooled and soothed the area immediately. I was impressed! I’m going to be using this after I wax in future and in summer on my poor hot and puffy ankles.

I found this in Holland and Barrett and noticed on the Dr Organic website that they do tooth paste and deodorant also.


People Tree Wishlist



Zandra Rhodes Dancing Stars Bodycon Dress

100% Organic cotton. Fair Trade and Soil Association approved.




Hand Made



Penguin Long Sleave Tee

Soil Association approved. Fair Trade cotton.



Batik Notebook

Hand made. Organic cotton. Fairtrade.



Deco Collar Necklace 

Handmade. Fairtrade.



Owl Coin Purse

Handmade. Fairtrade.


Chrissie xx 

Neil’s Yard Remedies Samples


I poped into NYR to pick up some digestive supplements (a little post on this coming up shortly) and I was kindly given some samples.

 Beauty Sleep Concentrate

This cream has a medium – thick consistency and kept my skin moisturised until morning. Unfortunately it was a little to rich and clogged up several of my pores so I won’t be using it again. I’d recommend this for people with drier skin than myself.

White Tea Tonning Eye Gel

I woke up this morning, bags under my eyes, then I applied this, and to my surprise, they were gone, gone, gone. This had a rather runny consistency than I’m used to with eye gel and I found  storing it in the fridge added to it’s soothing quality. After an hour – apart from the crease that’s always there – my bags had disappeared!

White Tea Enriching Facial Mask

I was expecting the mask to set a lot quicker, in fact it didn’t ever really set 100% I washed the mask off after 15 minutes and unlike every other face mask I’ve used it hadn’t dried out my skin. My face felt so soft and incredibly moisturised. I’ll use a very thin layer next time as I like masks that set as I feel they dray more impurities out of my pores.

Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser

This cleanser refreshed my skin, removed all traces of my foundation and was calming my skin looked tone looked a more even and less red.

Frankincence Hydrating Cream

I love this moisturiser! It’s a medium consistency and sinks in quickly. It kept my combination skin moisturised all day and evening. It wasn’t until around 8.00pm that my skin looked a little shiny. This cream has a lovely scent (as all of these products don’t) and was a perfect base for my medium coverage makeup.

Chrissie xx

Insta Natural Argon Oil Hair Products Review

Everyone knows by now that using oil is the key to glossy, strong and healthy hair but not necessarily how or when to use it. This is made simpler with these two Insta Natural products.


Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Elixir

Active Ingredients

Argan oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, Shea butter, panthenol.


This can be used as a treatment before shampooing to moisturise, repair and protect hair from chemicals in your shampoo. A few drops can be used anytime as an elixir to moisturise and smooth frizzy and/or dry hair.


I really like the consistency of this oil as it’s not too thick and sinks in quickly while moisturising my hair. The pump dispenses a large controlled drop which I found was really useful.  I used this before shampooing and the shampoo still lathered up as normal.

Argan Oil Hair Mask

Active Ingredients

Argan oil, amino acid complex, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin B5.


Use once or twice a week and apply to shampooed towel dried hair. Massage into hair from your scalp to the ends and leave for 5 – 15 minutes and then rinse. The mask can also be used as conditioner for days when your hair doesn’t need anything extra. I love the consistency of this as it’s so thick and a little goes a long way. The scent is overwhelmingly of Shea butter so I’m glad I really like it!


After using both products my hair looked glossy and calm and only the ends at the front looked frizzy (as usual). I applied a drop of the elixir the damp frizz totally transformed into fat glossy waves without being weighed down or looking oily.

Rating Both Products 5/5

Both products were gifted to me for review purposes which does not effect my opinion in any way.

Date Night at Pizza Express Didsbury

When you do the same thing virtually everyday, weekdays merge into weekends and weekends merge into bank holidays, there’s really no difference. The Bloke and myself decided that at least once a month we should have a date night and choose somewhere to go out for a meal or at least a few drinks. As always The Bloke chose Pizza Express (if only they had a loyalty point system!) and decided upon Didsbury so we could have a drink in the Greenfinch, a big friendly busy pub near by.


Before we ordered our food I chose a glass of award winning Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand which was the nicest white wine I’ve ever tried.

Starters x2 – I was hungry!

Broccolini with parmesan and chilli perfectly cooked. I could happily incorporate ‘broccolini time’ in between lunch time and tea time, everyday.


Bruschetta Con Funghi – chestnut & closed cup mushrooms, béchamel sauce and red onions on dough with chopped parsley and balsamic syrup. Creamy, tangy doughy deliciousness.



Lasagna Verde ‘Chargrilled vegetables, chopped surfine capers and olives, roasted peppers, mozzarella, béchamel & passata layered with green spinach pasta and baked with a spicy Arrabbiata sauce. Finished with Gran Milano cheese.’ I’ve had lasagna in the past where the pasta has been over cooked around the edges and the veggies have been over done. As usual Pizza Express get their lasagna right every single time. The spinach pasta was a nice touch and really added to the flavour.


The Bloke chose a Veneziana pizza with pine kernels, red onions, surfine capers, olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato. I like all of these toppings but I wouldn’t have thought of combining them all together on a pizza. The Bloke wasn’t as hungry as me (even though he ordered this ‘Romana’ sized) so this really suited him and he loved the contrast of the sultanas. I had a bite and was surprised that I really liked it.



I am usually drawn to any desert with either biscuit, toffee, fudge or salted caramel but I was so full at this point I chose some lovely strawberry gelato (which I’m pleased to confirm is veggie despite what the name might suggest) and gave the amazing Honeycomb Cream Slice a miss this time. Yes, I had already started eating this before The Bloke reminded me to take a piccy!


Has this made you hungry now? ^_^

The service was quick with two waiters being attentive and working well together and the food was great value for money with decent portion sizes as always.

Chrissie xx

My Personal Examples of Sensory Processing Disorder Symptoms


I’m going to write this from personal point of view and although maybe not as comprehensive as an objective list of symptoms, I’m hoping it will be more interesting and add a bit more context. Staggeringly, I was only recognised as having difficulty with my sensory processing by a Neurologist around 2 years ago (age 32) and even though I’ve read a lot about people with SPD and chatted online, I’ve not met anyone else with it yet.


Things I’m Under Sensitive To….

Touch. I love the feel of smooth shiny things like those posh granite work tops and PVC handbags.

Speed and Movement. I could travel in a sports car and zoom around corners at incredibly high speed or do doughnuts and it would just be so much fun. Yay – speed in a horizontal kind of way!

Pain. I can bump into things or fall over and it’s more annoying and frustrating rather than painful. I’ve dropped things onto my foot and crashed into things, had injections and blood taken and the people around me have cringed more than I have. Saying that, paper cuts and mild cramp feel so painful to me!

Pain. ‘Shouldn’t this pan be hotter by now?’…. …. …. ‘Shit it really is, ouch!’

Touch and Pressure. I like big hugs and I cannot lie (sorry for the Sir Mix-a-lot ref), big giant bear hugs that squeeze me. Usually I’ve barley comprehended the lighter hugs before the person steps back, so it’s like I’ve just missed it. Strangely, it also relaxes my muscles and calms me down almost instantly if I’m stressing out. Cows also like this as well apparently – but I’m not going cow hugging just yet.

Taste and Pressure I like my food either savoury and spicy or rich and creamy. I was in my early 20’s until I learned to appreciate subtler flavours and textures. As a kid I always smothered everything in HP sauce!  I also love crunchy food and as a kid I was quite bitey – objects not people!

Touch and Pressure. When people go to the hairdressers and complain that they were getting quite head-sore because the hairdresser wasn’t gentle enough. I have no clue what they are talking about. Again that kind of thing relaxes me so much I feel all floppy and sleepy.

Smell. I often think ‘This perfume smell nice, I’ll just add a bit more of it so I can really smell it.’ Then I wonder why people practically faint when they enter the room. At least I never fell foul of the old “Who ever smelt it dealt it” fart rule.

Touch and Pressure. I absolutely love tight clothes because they are against my skin (unless the weather is incredibly hot) why would I want my body to feel awkward and ‘lost’ inside my clothes?

Auditory. You can be chatting with me and I’ll be interested but then almost subconsciously I’ll tune out your voice and pick up on some other noise instead. The tone of mens voices and traffic noise just blend together a lot of the time for me – sorry guys! I do listen but don’t always understand the word someone just said even though I heard it, especially if they speak quickly and change subjects rapidly or with a sudden short sentence. I’m really bad at remembering what was said as a result.

Touch and Pressure. Don’t give me a wine glass if you are expecting me to get progressively drunk as I’ll put it down too hard and break the stem and most of the glass probably.

Touch and Pressure. When I’m struggling with something – for instance closing a door that’s a little un-aligned – and I loose patience and try really hard that door will accidentally be slammed loudly and with a ridiculous amount of force. “Gaaah!”

Touch and Pressure. I tend to drop things because I’ve forgot how tight I’m meant to be holding the bloody thing according to it’s weight and shape.

Touch and pressure. Y’know those kids in junior/high school that were definitely not bullies but they always went too far with practical jokes or play fighting? That was me – oops!


Things I’m Over Sensitive To…..

Touch and Texture. I want to punch the manufacturer who started the trend of sewing nylon labels into the back of jumpers etc. Why not just use pokey, scratchy sandpaper instead?

Light. Have you ever watched the film Gremlins where little Gizmo is saying in an adorable little voice “Bright light, bright light!” For me it’s more of an “Argh, I can barley see anything. My eyes have a headache. Are you blind? No light needs to be that bright surely?”

Noise. Things that are high-pitched like unhappy babies screaming and tram and bus brakes, children and/or drunk people with whistles and loud screechy or very ‘busy’ music like acid jazz. Horrendous, like it’s right inside my brain!

Temperature. My Kryptonite is THE COLD or the false sensation of it on certain bits of exposed skin. Even on a mild day, if I have a centimetre gap between my boot and jeans I feel cold, even when I’m in doors! I know it’s not real but tell that to the rest of my brain. Brrr!

Touch. OK this part is kind of nice- in small doses. All of me can be ticklish but in a goose bumpy way – not a ‘stop this strange and unusual punishment!’ kind of way which most people get.

Movement. Rollercoasters or high-spead lift that suddenly drop, or even small trampolines.

Processing and understanding. New situations I have to suddenly adjust to and intuitively pick up on are pretty bewildering to be honest. I mean how the hell am I supposed to just know what I’m meant to be doing? Some signage or instructions are always welcome!

Texture. It took me until I was in my late 20’s before I could eat rough ‘foresty’ foods like steamed broccoli, kale or rocket. I also hated ‘squidgy’ food, primarily cooked mushrooms. I love them now though but had to practice to get used to the texture.

Visual. Spiky things. Luckily for me who’s A/W wardrobe is mainly inspired by punk and rock it’s only increadibly fine spikes that I find freaky. Spikes that are pushing through something make me want to throw up. Yup. Or the sound of creepy crawlies, y’know that popular sound effect they use in sci-fi and horror films far to often? OMG when a TV screen goes half pixelated so you can still see a distorted image of the person, my skin just crawls!


Where SPD Overlaps With Dyspraxia

Judgment of Speed, Height, Weight, Mass. My judgment on these things tends to be laughably incorrect a lot of the time. Not great for crossing roads quickly but good for accidentally flattering people – or insulting them.

Spacial Awareness. Mine is bobins! This effects knocking things over, tripping over things, forgeting what is behind me in the room, missjugding how close I am to an object. Which way I am facing in the building in relation to where it’s positioned (hospitals and colleges are fun for this.)


SPD – Who and Why? 

A person can just have SPD without having any other disorders, however it can be difficult to diagnose someone with SPD (especially if they are under and over sensitive to different things) so a lot of the time it gets recognised in people who have other conditions such as Autism, Asperger’s, Dyspraxia, Mosaic (high functioning) Downes Syndrome or nuero-degenerative conditions such as MS.



Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation website Helpful but USA based.

Amazingly the NHS website had no info on Sensory Processing Disorder only Auditory.

Wonderful Facebook Group for Adults with SPD UK and US

Here is a very informative site created by a Mum of a child with SPD.

I hope this helps someone to understand someone with SPD a little better or themselves even!

Chrissie xx

Note: Credit to Kelly Dillon & Rachel S. Schnieder for this fantastic poster!

5 Fandom Friday – Broadway Roles I’d Love To Play


I’ve been told I would be a good actress if it weren’t for my terrible memory, meaning I struggle to remember lines. Daniel Radcliffe has dyspraxia as does Florence Welch and I have no idea how they remember lines/lyrics! Seeing as most plays on Broadway are musicals (according to Wiki) let’s just go with those.

Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Who doesn’t want to get all gothed up in fishnets, a maids uniform, massive hair and tones of smudged black eyeliner? Plus if it were back in the day I’d be on the same stage as Tim Curry’s Franken Furter – how awesome would that be!

Velma Kelly in Chicago


I would love to belt out ‘All That Jazz’ (some how) plus all of the fantastic 1920’s costumes of course. I know the two main female characters are really flawed but I love how feisty and determined they are.

Sandy in Grease


I’d go through most of this musical on auto-pilot until after her bad-ass make over, ha! Ok so I’d probably fall over in my heels when trying to dance through the Shake Shack (at the fun fair part) but I’d have cool dude Danny to catch me. Ok, make that, definitely fall. Maybe I should have picked Rizzo instead as she’s confident and sassy right from the start.

Charity in Sweet Charity


I remember seeing the film starring Shirley Mclaine on DVD, which included the alternative ending where Oscar does come back for her. That’s the only version I’d want to perform.

Baby in Dirty Dancing


I absolutely love her character arch, from shy naive teenager to sassy dancer who knows exactly what she wants. It would be amazing learning how to dance for this role – although I’d need a strong partner playing Johnny to do that lift with seeing as I’m 5’8 and a size 12 ha!

Chrissie xx


Gothic Romance

Gothic Romance


Here are some classic ideas for Halloween or you know, everyday!