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  1. Bubble wrap. Stamping on it or twisting it until non of it pops any more.
  2. Really chewy things like solid caramels, Black Jacks and fruit salads or cola bottles.
  3. Long tight hugs.
  4. Splashing through puddles.
  5. The feel of rubber grips on tools or those wobbly buttons on remote controls.
  6. Strong hot food and sour food. Garlic and chilli stir fry, fizzy sweets, grapefruit and curries.
  7. Stamping on closed polystyrene food containers and that dull cracking noise.
  8. Long tight-ish jumpers/cardigans where I can pull the sleeves over my hands.
  9. The gentle rocking of a train or the rise and fall of a ferry journey.
  10. Squishy things filled with water.
  11. Crunchy food especially the biscuit in cheesecake.
  12. Sitting right in the corner of the sofa or having a big cushion against me.
  13. Pillow fights! The heavy IKEA memory foam ones – I don’t mess about lol
  14. Having my back and shoulders really tightly tucked up in the duvet.
  15. Tightly holding glass marbles in my palm and grinding them together which sounds great and better for me than grinding my teeth!
  16. Just standing in the sea and feeling the push and pull of the waves.
  17. The squeaking of old leather boots.
  18. That scrunching sound fresh snow makes when you walk on it.
  19. Soft fluffy things like faux fur, chenille blankets, dressing gowns, bunnies.
  20. The feel of walking on soft wet sand or through crunchy Autumn leaves.

autumn leaves new_0

Apparently because I’m mainly (I’d say 80%) under-sensitive to a lot of things I’m a ‘seeker’ because I need to seek out sensory things, rather than wanting to avoid them.

I’d say everyone can identify with at least some of the things in this list, which ones do like?

Chrissie xxx

One response to “20 Sensory Things I love”

  1. themofman Avatar

    Bubblewrap is addictive!

    Once I start, I . . . just . . . can’t . . . STOP!

    Liked by 1 person

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