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It’s been a while since my first review of these rings which work on an accupressure point.

Well as you can see these babies are looking worse for wear. Even though we’ve taken care of these putting them in their own little jewellery box the metal has either corroded or the silver plating is wearing of.

Do they still work though?

Well for some odd reason me and the bloke stopped wearing them. We simply forgot they existed! Then after two horrible nights of the bloke CONSTANTLY snoring we remembered we had them – thank goodness. It’s recommended that you give it up to four or five nights to work and to put it on half an hour before bed but THEY WORKED STRAIGHT AWAY – woohoo! The only problem was that the ring left a black mark on the blokes finger and we don’t know what the base metal is hmm…

Why the snoring in the first place?

The bloke has a food intolerance to beer…ok it’s yeast but that’s not going to stop him enjoying a beer of an evening so often his sinuses are blocked, hence the snoring but no more!

These were originally sent to me for review purposes I just wanted to do an update as I was amazed at how quickly they were so effective again.

Chrissie xx

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