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It’s so easy to put a PS4 game or subscription box or new trainers on to your christmas wish list but I always like to add one thing from either a charity, organisation or brand that I believe is really trying to make a difference. I adore walking through woodlands so this year I’m picking the Woodland Trust.

British Winter Wildlife Christmas Cards


Hannah Turner Toadstool Salt and Pepper 


Hannah Turner Tall Toadstool Jug

Which I’d use as a vase


 Winter Scents 3 Candle Gift Pack

candlesThe Lorax by Dr Seuss


Pheasant A5 Notebook


Living Nature Fox Mini Buddy


0002326_438Igloo ‘Hogitat’


 The Countryside Year Book

A reference book and journal in one


Amber Oak Necklace 


Chrissie xx

2 responses to “Woodland Trust Christmas Wish List”

  1. Bec Avatar

    I joined the woodland trust recently after they purchased smithills moor near Bolton. I’ve always loved the outdoors and they’re doing important work to support native flora and fauna. I’d not had a chance to look round their online shop. These are lovely things – I’ll be buying for Christmas pressies. Have a lovely week love bec xx

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    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Oh that’s good news it will mean the woods safe from development. I originally went on the WWF site to look for gifts but found them rather limited then I tried The Woodland Trust and was pleasantly surprised! Hope you had a lovely weekend x


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