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  1. You are sitting in a swanky eatery with gorgeous looking food in front of you which has chilled off/warmed up because you are determind to get the perfect picture of it.
  2. Somehow you have just published a completely unfinished blog post and the world hasn’t ended in the 5 seconds it took you to realise and undo the mistake.
  3. You show your partner/mate/Mum a new item of clothing you’ve been gifted and they automatically groan and ask “Do you need to borrow me to shoot another Outfit Of The Post again?”
  4. Sometimes you run out of blog-speration. It’s not a big deal, you will come up with something good soon and anyway it’s healthy to take a little break.
  5. Before attending an event you’ve learned to have a bite to eat first and to take some cash with you as ‘free wine and nibbles’ can mean one drink token and a tiny cupcake.
  6. If there is a lot of free wine you’ve learned not to overindulge so much that you  forget to make notes of the thing you are meant to be blogging about i.e.. the reason you are there.
  7. You’ve gotten over that cringey feeling of sounding pretentious when people ask what you do and you reply “I’m a blogger.”
  8. You realised long ago that putting your favourite filter on ALL of your photographs does make your blog look pretty but doesn’t always do the subject justice.
  9. Everyone knows that they can be curious about your new products but never to open them/use them before you’ve photographed them – ever!
  10. OK so, you may be more polite than the odd rude PR person but you will never look as polished as they are, no matter how long you spend in front of the mirror.
  11. There’s a little notebook or notes page which you add random ‘blog post ideas’ to as soon as they occur to you. This makes the people you are with wonder if you are blogging about them.
  12. You’re so over anxiously checking how many followers you have each day. Yes, you keep an eye on your stats/rankings but you mainly enjoy replying to comments and getting to experience some perks along the way.

Chrissie xx

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