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This time of year the only food most people are concerned about is what scrummy treats they are having for christmas or how on earth they are going to cater for people who are veggie or have allergies. I know it’s very easy it is to over look that there are people in your neighbourhood that may not have eaten anything at all for a few days, maybe even more.



Currently in the UK 13 Million People Live Bellow The Poverty Line

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I’m not just talking about homeless people either, many people due to redundancies, ill health, benefit sanctions or even paying basic energy bills won’t be able to afford to buy food and will need to rely on food banks for themselves and their families.



Food banks are the easiest and most effective way to give essential nutrition to hungry people in your area. Proffessionals such as social workers, community outreach workers, health visitors and Citizen Advice Bureau workers commonly issue people with vouchers to collect food from local food banks. The food bank then gives the person/family enough food for three meals for at least three days.

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The food is often donated from supermarket collection points (a cardboard box with suggestions printed on the front as to what food will be best for shoppers  to donate) and church collections and direct donations to food bank centres.

Find your local bank or collection point


I know it’s tempting to just empty cupboards of things which have been hanging around and ignored for a while but it makes more sense to donate staples that can make up simple meals and drinks such as:


UHT milk

Long Life Fruit Juice


Tea Bags


Instant Mash Potato




Pasta Sauce

Super Noodles

Tinned Vegetables

Tinned Protein (meat, fish, chick peas)

Tinned Puddings


Free-from Foods

It’s always worth asking your supermarket if they have a food donation bin if it’s not at first apparent – plus if they don’t have one, it might give them the idea to start one!

Even if you aren’t religious please don’t let that put you off going into your local church if that’s your easiest donation point as it all goes to people who will be very grateful that you made the effort!

Chrissie xx



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