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5fandomfridayAlright so it’s not a Friday (but who blogs on Christmas day?) and the prompt was ‘blogging resolutions’ but I thought I’d change it a bit.

  1. Do less exercise. Basically with my condition I need to pace myself a lot more and recognise when I need a rest or a nap. Although I should get up before 1.00pm!
  2. Eat lots of chocolate and sweets. Since discovering my dairy intolerance my sweet tooth has disappeared but since getting lots of free-from goodies for christmas I think it’s time to start indulging again.
  3. Buy clothes that are a size bigger. I have to admit I’ve gone up a size. The fact that my belly sticks out as much as my boobs was my first clue. I don’t mind though, I  like having a bit of flesh on my bones, so I don’t look like a stick with four balloons attached to it (boobs and butt cheeks if you didn’t get it lol).
  4. Stop washing my hair as often. Over the holiday season I’ve gotten a little lazy – ok, I’ve not washed my hair for 14 days. I know that might gross some people out but my thick, frizzy, basically crazy hair really appreciated it. It’s turned into natural, glossy (not greasy) glamorous waves and all I had to do was ignore it!
  5. Stop saying ‘I love you’ to the bloke so much. I literally must say it at least three times a day, every single day, sometimes when I’m absent minded and doing something else. I feel like sometimes it doesn’t have that special gravitas behind it, like it’s almost become a habit.
  6. Make sure I get more hugs. This is very different from giving hugs. These hugs ground me and restore my energy – mentally, emotionally, sometimes even physically. They help when my emotions are all wobbly and help when I’m having one of those really un-co-ordinated days, where my body doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing.
  7. Buy beer sooner. Ha! Seriously though, I always leave it until it’s dark outside, it’s got colder and looks really uninviting. Then it’s such an effort to haul my arse outside to buy beer and food. I need to get my sh!t together and go earlier in the day – in actual daylight.
  8. Don’t go to bed at a ‘sensible time’ and make sure I wait until I’m totally exhausted. That way I will sleep right the way through, rather than my brain thinking it’s having a disco nap and waking up all alert at 3.00am.
  9. Play console games regularly and for much longer. These help so much with my hand-eye co-ordination and with improvisational/problem solving skills.
  10. Here are the less alternative one’s: Appreciate everyone more and tell/show them. Not to sweat the small stuff and take it personally. To believe in my abilities and recognise my achievements more. To be kinder to people even when I’m stressed out and don’t take it out on them. To keep noticing and enjoying the simple things in life.

Wishing you all a weird and wonderful end to your 2015!

Chrissie xx

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