5 Fandom Friday – Deliberately Late To The Game TV Discoveries

I thought I’d be late posting this and really keep up with the late theme…And you just thought I’d buggered up my scheduling didn’t you, bah!


Luther S02 & S03

I was going to pick Hannibal (not the dude with the elephants) but had to give up watching this as I found it just to gruesome and sick. On to Luther, the bloke and I think this show is the dog’s doo-dah’s. We were very late to Luther though and didn’t realise how many series were actually made. Yay, there’s more!

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Foodie Review: Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen

I decided to treat the bloke to a meal where he could order anything on the menu because it’s all veggie. Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is a family run restaurant which offers traditional Chinese food and mock meats such as beef, prawn and chicken dishes. They also offer the largest amount of vegan dishes I’ve ever seen on a menu and  have a hygiene rating of four out of five.

This isn’t a place that opens late night to cater for people after the pubs shut (although it is right near to The Red Lion), it closes at 10.30 and 11.00 on Friday and Saturday. The restaurant is brightly lit and their is no alcohol on the menu , although you are welcome to bring your own within reason.


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Geek Pop Culture Tees – January

I’m obsessed with buying tees. I always have been, even when they were still called T-shirts ;o) It’s the one item that will go with everything and you can eat all of the pizza you like and they will still look flattering and cool.

Tesla V’s Edison 

$19.99 Think Geek

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 19.31.43

Betty Boop/Snow White by Timshumate

$17.00 Teefury.com

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 19.19.19

Bender Keep Calm 

$19.99 Think Geek

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 19.37.32


£21.01 Spread Shirt

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 19.56.16

Chrissie xx

Truths Only People Who’ve Had To Move Back In With Parents Will Understand

So the media have started to call people in their mid 20’s-30’s ‘the boomerang generation’ due to leaving uni jobless and homeless, rising rent prices, messy breakup’s or redundancy. However, I also know three people considerably older than that who have to spend most of their time back at ‘home’ with their parents for various reasons.


  1. Your old room and bed seem sooo much smaller than they did the first time you occupied them but there are only so many episodes of Emmerdale that you can stand to watch with the folks.
  2. They insist on doling out advice, even if they have no clue what an operating system is and keep repeatedly suggesting you switch the ‘interweb’ on and off.
  3. The covert missions to wash and dry your smalls discreetly and then the race to take them off the drying rack before they become the only glaringly obviously items left on there.
  4. They think they do everything better because they have more life experience. They completely ignore the fact that you’ve used many a 2.00am snack craving to finesse the perfect cheese toasty method. That you’ve also learned to launder that difficult item of clothing perfectly through trial and (maybe a lot of) error.
  5. Just when you think you’ve got your shit together something comes along like taxes or quickly re-newing a passport and you have to admit you’re a little lost and actually need advice.
  6. You’ve gone from having a sporadically stocked fridge and kitchen cupboards to more food than you can possibly consume before the eat by date.
  7. If you are very lucky you actually get asked the question “What do you want for tea then?” This subliminally means they will cook it for you if you keep frowning intently at your smart phone as if you are very busy.
  8. You get to take turns with household chores and it’s a nice change. Plus there seems to be a never ending supply of loo roll, washing up liquid and fresh towels.
  9. You seem to have a strange amount of money left at the end of the month even though you’ve been chipping in with bills. Plus there is nearly always someone around to accept all of your internet purchases off the poor postman.
  10. It’s incredibly hard to have private phone conversations as the walls of the house now seem to be made of paper.
  11. You know when you are feeling down you can always get a big hug, that or someone telling you there are people far worse off in the world than you!
  12. It’s incredibly reassuring knowing you always have a place to sleep, even if you have to struggle past stacked up boxes and an exercise bike to reach your bed.

Which ones have/do you identified with?  Have I missed any?

Chrissie xx

Lean On Me – Statement Cushions

Lean On Me


Alan Rickman – My Favourite Actor Always

I first came across actor Alan Rickman when I watched him play Hans Gruber in Die Hard and I thought what a deliciously evil bad guy! I think that set me off on the path of secretly rooting for the bad guy as long as he was cool and charismatic, ha!

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves came to cinemas when I was 10. I remember most of my friends fancied Kevin Costner as Robin Hood but I thought Rickman’s performance of the Sherif of Nottingham was pure genius and fell in love with him in some way right then.

Alan Rickman

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ERiiS SPF 15, UVA, UVB, Infra Red Triple Sun Protection Milk

When you think of Winter skincare do you immediately think of thick pore clogging creams?  My combination skin has never gotten along with heavy moisturisers  and it’s amazing how many of these don’t contain an SPF of any kind. Anyone who wants to prevent skin ageing knows that they must protect their skin from the suns harmful rays all year round, no matter how weak those rays may appear.

ERiiS Sun Protection Milk

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