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Mary Jean is a range of 100% natural handcrafted soaps and skincare based in P1060237Speyside, Scotland. Established in 2008 they are a family owned business who have won awards for their wonderful products which are made in small batches with the freshest of ingredients.


I loved how this was lovingly hand packaged with a very cute wooden scoop attached. I was surprised at how big the scoop was until I realised it’s the same diameter as the neck of the bottle making it easy to tip the right amount of salts into the scoop. Because the salts are mixed with essential oils it would be too easy to end up with a giant blob of it in your bath if you just tried tipping it straight in. This wouldn’t be so bad actually as it has a wonderful ylang ylang scent reminiscent of being in a tropical garden at dusk. I only used half a scoop and the rich warm scent rose from the hot water immediately. Distinctive, romantic but not over powering.P1060242


Dead Sea Mineral Salt, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Geraniol, Famesol, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl Benzoate (naturally occurring).


There is a warning on the label to be carful as your bath might become slippery due to P1060238the cold pressed oils but I didn’t notice an oil slick on top of the water and on emptying the bath I didn’t notice an oily residue around the sides either. My skin didn’t feel incredibly moisturised but it wasn’t dry either and it did feel soft and smelled wonderful. I only needed to use a light body lotion afterward rather then my usual body butter.

Rating 4/5

Ironically I’m giving this product 4 rather than 5 because I’m one of those people who actually love their skin practically drowning in anything moisturising and oily. I’m sure my Mum would give this 5/5 as she hates that residual oily feeling from moisturisers and bath products, so she would love these bath salts.

Do you like the idea of bath salts containing essential oils?

Chrissie xx

3 responses to “Mary Jean Ylang Ylang Bath Salts”

  1. themofman Avatar

    A belated Happy New Year, Chrissie! Keep well in 2016!


  2. suzie81speaks Avatar

    I love these posts as I’m always looking for cruelty free products! Nice post – I’ll check it out!


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