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I thought I’d be late posting this and really keep up with the late theme…And you just thought I’d buggered up my scheduling didn’t you, bah!


Luther S02 & S03

I was going to pick Hannibal (not the dude with the elephants) but had to give up watching this as I found it just to gruesome and sick. On to Luther, the bloke and I think this show is the dog’s doo-dah’s. We were very late to Luther though and didn’t realise how many series were actually made. Yay, there’s more!

Arrow S02 & S03

We watched the first series, some of the second and then The Flash came along and it appealed to us so much more so that Arrow fell by the wayside. I’m sure I will get around to watching the rest soon though as I liked the supporting characters, even though I find Arrow’s character seriously lacking any charisma.

Jane The Virgin

My trusty old PVR has done it’s job and recorded loads of The Big Bang Theory and Jane The Virgin for me. I’m half way through the first series and adore Jane and like the other main characters also. Ridiculously absurd, camp, funny and sweet this fills the very long gap that Ugly Betty left.

Fargo S02

I think it’s the weighting in between series that makes me loose track of great programming. The bloke and I really enjoyed the first season of this dark comedy and we like the idea that each seasons story is pretty much separate from the last.

Freaks and Geeks/Super Girl

I’ve put these two together because I’m only aloud five I’ve never watched them and want to save them for nights where it’s just me, blankets, cushions, Propercorn and Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough.


Honestly, I think we need some kind of TV show spreadsheet to keep track! Bookmarking IMDB pages just isn’t working anymore lol

Chrissie xx

9 responses to “5 Fandom Friday – Deliberately Late To The Game TV Discoveries”

  1. Haylee Avatar

    We’re late to everything usually. We’ve recently watched the first two seasons of Luther and as they’re gloriously short, brilliant to power through. I urge you to give Hannibal another go though… It’s so stylish, although it doesn’t get any less gruesome!
    Just completed Fargo too – didn’t enjoy it as much as the first but then I’ve always had a bit of an aversion to Kirsten Dunst! We still have all of Prison Break, The Wire, West Wing, Sopranos, to name a few, left to start/ finish. My current fave old season is The Good Wife. Always enjoy a good law show!


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      An The Good Wife, that’s the one I was trying to remember. I gave up on Hannibal because it was kicking off my anxiety right before bed but I agree the series is wonderfully realised. I used to love Prison Break s much. I highly recommend Scandal which isn’t remotely as cheesy as the tittle implies, if you haven’t seen it yet.

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    2. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      I’ve always liked Kirsten Dunst since seeing fantastic performance as a little girl vampire. She seems to be the actress version of Marmite lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haylee Avatar

        Oh, in Interview with a Vampire? Yes, I agree she was good in that. To be fair, I can’t deny she’s a good actress, I just don’t like her very much. It’s extremely irrational! We’ve not seen Scandal but I believe that’s another one sat waiting to be watched!

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  2. depepi Avatar

    Aww Arrow!! I forgot to add that one to my list! I also arrived pretty late!


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Where are you up to with it?


      1. depepi Avatar

        I’m still on the 2nd season.

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  3. B Avatar

    I really need to start watching Luther!

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    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Oh hell yes! It’s intelligent, dramatic, poignant, oddly sexy, obviously sexy (Luther) and very gritty.


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