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There are a lot of ‘National’ days and after reading some such as ‘National Bubble Bath day’ and ‘National Dress Up Your (poor) Pet Day’ I’m starting to wonder who the hell comes up with these things. However, ‘National Random Acts of Kindness Day’ is a really lovely example and some would say a well needed one! Here are some ideas in list format because who doesn’t dig lists?


  1. If you see a Mum with a pram, it’s easier for you to get out of her way than for her to manoeuvre around you. I tried it once, babies are surprisingly heavy!
  2. Do a household chore NOT because it’s your turn but just because it’s a nice thing to do.
  3. No one needs 7 packs of loo roll (and if you do, please don’t ever tell me why) so be kind and leave the last one on the shelf for someone else.
  4. Give up your seat on a bus or anywhere to anyone who seems to be struggling – not just the pregnant or wrinkly.
  5. Give pastries. Unless person is on diet, or wheat intolerant, or suspicious of your motives…..Think about giving pastries.
  6. When you have finished reading a book leave it in a cafe or on a bus at rush hour for someone else to enjoy.
  7. This might be a dodgy one depending on what area you live in but if you see someone struggling with their bags offer to carry them. Just offer, don’t automatically grab them obviously!
  8. Give a stranger a genuine compliment. If you like the cashiers teal coloured hair then tell them.
  9. Leave a loved one a Post It in their lunch bag or tool box etc. with a smiley face and a nice sentiment on it. Nothing too embarrassing for your kids/teens though parents!
  10. Give flowers.
  11. Feed the wildlife in your area, even if you just hang up a fat ball for small birds in winter.
  12. If you have an elderly neighbour that you say hello to in passing, you could ask them if they need anything from the shops seeing as you are “going anyway”.
  13. After using a vending machine, leave the change in there as a surprise for the next person. Less cringey if there isn’t a cue so you can escape unseen.
  14. At least offer to cook tea if the chef of the household looks stressed or exhausted.
  15. I know it’s hard but when you are out and about, try to have more patience with the general pubic.*

*Not a typo

Chrissie xx

(free hug)

This post was inspired by the lovely and geeky Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder.

2 responses to “15 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness”

  1. *Mandy* Avatar

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. posp0009 Avatar

    Yes to #8 -something so simple can turn someone’s day around!

    -Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

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