How To Know If You Are ‘Basic’

Ok, this is just a very light hearted, tongue in cheek post. I’m not judging anyone (ok maybe a bit) and some of these points actually remind me of myself when I was younger.

I would say a person is ‘basic’ if they are normal but they try to make themselves appear much more interesting or special. Someone who does something simply because it’s become popular as they have to be seen keeping up with a certain lifestyle (whether they can afford to or not). They want to appear cooler than average, even though a lot of the things they are doing are obviously popular at that time. Often they will take this to the extreme and put a much higher value on ‘needing’ to do these basic things like it’s a life or death situation just to add importance/drama.


  • Rachel from Friends and Carrie from Sex and the City were your true soul sisters, even though no one else seemed to notice much of a resemblance between your lifestyles what so ever.
  • You’ve got a like on Twitter from Harry Styles and boast to all of your friends. You don’t actually click on it so they can’t see it’s some random fake fan account with 3 followers.
  • Your starting to wonder if your parents really love you because they didn’t buy you Ugg boots and Hunter wellies for your birthday.
  • Deciding on which nail art will get you the most attention is really difficult. You end up going for some affordable bling in a style the manicurist says is most popular.
  • You wouldn’t even consider going to an independent coffee shop because it’s not Starbucks. In fact you don’t actually know of any others anyway.
  • Being distraught if your phone battery is dead because you can’t put that all important picture of your spiced latte (with your name facing forward of course) on Instagram.
  • You’ve never considered putting horrible grungy rips into your jeans before but you’ve just bought a pre-ripped pair from the Topshop sale because they are “totes on-trend!”
  • Making a shopping list of super foods like avocado’s, goji berries, chai tea and “quinoa” and vowing to cut out gluten because that popular skinny blogger suggested it.
  • You are annoyed at how selfish your boyfriend is because he bought you jewellery that won’t fit onto your Pandora bracelet.
  • You would be utterly mortified if someone thought you were a traveller  or circus performer but Rihanna just got her hair pastel dip-dyed so it must alright, right?…Maybe just some white blond streaks would be better.
  • Making your shy friend and/or partner awkwardly take OOTD photo’s of you posing for ages so one picture out of a hundred will be Pinterest worthy.
  • You think it is a real injustice that your parents called you a boring name like Catherine and not something more suitable like Princess or Pixi or Chanel.
  • You’re very sorry but people will just have to understand that they need to do things for you. Like picking up change you dropped, holding an umbrella over you, chasing after and flagging down a taxi. How else will you avoid messing up your nails, hair, heels, make up or faux fur detailing?
  • It’s difficult trying to decide what your next tiny tattoo is going to be. A unicorn, a peace sign or something totally unique like a star.
  • You loath the fact that the only cupcakes you can get from your local bakery have novelty kids toys on top of them rather than salted caramel icing – although a Disney Princess theme is acceptable. 
  • You were lucky enough to find a designer item in a charity shop and when people are impressed with how expensive it must have been you don’t correct them.
  • You are stuck inside with the flu looking and feeling horrendous and having to decline invitations to go out. You put the spin on it that you are having some ‘me time’ to ‘regenerate’ and ‘get back to your centre’ – just like that quote from Gwyneth Paltrow – which you saw in a copy of Cosmopolitan – which you found on the bus earlier.


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