Springtime – homeware, beauty and accessories

Springtime - homeware, beauty and accessories

13 thoughts on “Springtime – homeware, beauty and accessories

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    • I forget I have mine too! It’s like rings are kinda always on your fingers, then you think ‘What earrings or necklace?’ but not ‘Hmm what broach shall I wear today’ lol I have a crystal covered skull constantly on my grey parka – I think that’s the trick, put it on an item and leave it there. Where would you put the grass animals? Do you have a garden or patio or would they just chill indoors? 😊

      • I have a very tiny garden with lots of pots / hanging baskets and a dinky shed, so I’d likely put them outside but I’d not be against having them indoors. I have a kind of woven branch effect penguin, that is clearly an outdoor ornament, next to the TV. He’s too cute not to be looked at all the time!

  3. Oh my, this ticks so many buttons for me. I love the colours and the style, and it’s probably a good thing I can’t buy any of it because there would be a massive hole in my bank balance. Thank you for sharing!

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