Springtime – homeware, beauty and accessories

Springtime - homeware, beauty and accessories

13 thoughts on “Springtime – homeware, beauty and accessories

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    • I forget I have mine too! It’s like rings are kinda always on your fingers, then you think ‘What earrings or necklace?’ but not ‘Hmm what broach shall I wear today’ lol I have a crystal covered skull constantly on my grey parka – I think that’s the trick, put it on an item and leave it there. Where would you put the grass animals? Do you have a garden or patio or would they just chill indoors? 😊

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  3. Oh my, this ticks so many buttons for me. I love the colours and the style, and it’s probably a good thing I can’t buy any of it because there would be a massive hole in my bank balance. Thank you for sharing!


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