V Revolution Manchester – Vegan Cafe


For the record let me state I’m a part time vegan. I do add honey to sweeten things if it’s already in the cupboard, I do buy leather shoes but also lots of pleather ones and I eat pizza with real cheese sometimes and fake cheese a lot of the time. Glad we cleared that up.


The best way to describe V Revolution in the Northern Quarter is to say it’s a vegan version of a 50’s American diner, with a retro look and really creative junk food. There’s no juke box but the staff play seriously good tunes all day ranging from rock, hip-hop and dance. iPod’s on shuffle maybe?


I think this menu is fab, even though it oddly lacks an option for fries or onion rings on the side. Me and the bloke chose the Barbecuban Missile Crisis which came with nacho’s.

The crispy onions (the little brown pieces) added a really nice crunch to what was a very tasty, slightly soft and incredibly slippy burger. The ‘cheese’ melted and tasted like regular cheese and the burger was a great consistency also. Both me and the bloke agreed it would have been easier to eat if the slaw was on top of the natcho’s rather than pilled on the burger. I liked the taste of the facon but would have preferred it fried so it was firm rather than floppy.

V Revolution Manchester

There were four indulgent looking cakes at the counter but I didn’t get a slice as I would have preferred something a little lighter like a scoop of vegan ice cream. The staff had prepared lemon infused water and there were also a selection of teas available. I chose jasmine tea which was lovely and refreshing, the bloke chose of cup of builders tea and didn’t moan about the soy milk for once! I was able to stock up on a range of meat and cheese substitutes while I was there, which was really convenient!

Rating ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

V Revolution, 88 Oldham street, Manchester

Open 12.00pm – 6.00pm (except Tuesday)

Yeti Lap Warmer from Firebox

Is this yeti lap warmer cute and fluffy? Yes but is it warm? Kinda…

When you touch a cat or a yeti – I imagine – it doesn’t feel immediately warm but when it’s snuggled on your lap and then it jumps off you really notice the difference and miss the warmth it created. It’s the same with this yeti.


If you are the type of person who is really prone to feeling cold it won’t give any where near enough heat. Seriously, buy a heated blanket, tie it to your seat and put a pretty throw over it instead.


The yeti is perfect for cuddling up to if your back gets cold in bed or there’s a chill in the air or your upset and need something nice and warm to cuddle. If you need guanine heat, I’d give it a miss and get a hot water bottle with a fluffy cover and put googly eyes on it instead.

It is incredibly easy to use and comes with a built in battery and USB charger but I think £34.99 is too dear for a warm ‘adorable snowman’.


Note: After reading my feedback Firebox immediately offered to give me a refund and ask if there was anything else they could do, which is some of the best customer service I’ve had from a company. I decided to keep the yeti as I realised his belly does warm up better than his back ^~^

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint

First off, shouldn’t this be called SunRISE Daylight Curing Nail Paint? Anyway….


First I applied Iron Man because my nails have always been very weak and they dry out quickly when I apply nail polish directly to them. Then I applied Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint in All The Things She Red, which is a tropical orangey-red. I finished (as Barry M instructs) with Sunset Daylight Curing Top Coat. The top coat dried really quickly in direct sunlight to a firm, incredibly shiny finish. After using all three, my nails felt stronger and less flexible.


My DIY mani survived me washing my hands a few times and doing some light house work on Sunday but unfortunately by Monday pm the paint on one of my fingers chipped badly. The rest hung on though until Tuesday pm before chips at the ends of my nails started appearing and I had to remove it all.

This really didn’t last as long as hoped it would and I would in no way compare this to a real gel manicure, however it is the best nail polish I’ve used to date, regarding shine and staying power and for the amazingly affordable price, I’m going to be buying a lot more colours.

Rating ❤ ❤ ❤


5 Fandom Friday: 5 Fandoms I Couldn’t Get Into


No you’re not mixed up, it is Thursday. I’m answering a question that I missed because I don’t watch podcasts (way behind I know) and I don’t have any geeky/fandom habits as I’m genuinely quite random. So here are the fandoms I couldn’t get into.

Dr Who

I tried watching this when Christopher Eccleston was the Dr as I thought it would be a lot darker and although I found it fairly entertaining I didn’t find the threat, er, very threatening. I think they were evil angles or robots or possibly robot angels, whatever.

Peaky Blinders

After watching two series of this I liked it but then there was yet another rape in series three. A character being raped should never be used to progress the plot in, what is essentially an entertainment show. How is that entertainment?! The excuse of “it happened a lot back then” is no excuse. It happens a lot now. That’s why the term ‘rape culture’ exists, because rape is so prevelant in our own modern culture. I understand there is some place for a rape story line if it raises important relevant issues and is helpful in some way but unfortunately, in Peaky Blinders (as in GOT) it’s purely their to create drama and suspense.

Star Treck

I’ve never had a love for rubber aliens or people wearing rubber alien prostetics. This was the main reason I wasn’t buying into the whole Trecky thang. I have however come to realise that Star Treck was the first TV show to have a multi racial cast – just because, not because it was essential to the plot. I also realise how important Spock was as a character, him not understanding the social norms of the crew and seeming to value logic and reasoning over emotion and empathy, although it becomes apparent he feels just as deeply as anyone would (Asperger’s anyone?) Maybe if they started a new Star Treck series I might watch it actually!

Terry Pratchett’s Disc World

Quite an old choice now, I s’pose. I never got into these as I’d already gotten into darker fantasy novels and graphic novels like LOTR and The Crow and Joss Whedan’s stuff before I’d ever heard of Disc World. If I’d have read these when I was around 12-13, maybe I’d have liked them.

D & D

Me playing a character in a pretend fantasy world, with a straight face would not be possible. Plus, dungeons and dragons seems to go on forever! I love the idea of the cards and the dice and everyone getting together and a 50 year old man pretending to be a little dwarf wielding his powerful orb…..Aww, crap, I just can’t LOL

❤ Chrissie ❤

12 Tips for Food Bloggers



  • If you are reviewing an eatery do arrange a specific time for your arrival with management. Upon arrival introduce yourself and hand over your business card (if you have one), then mention you are there to review. Much simpler than cringingly explaining you’ve actually been reviewing the place when accidentally confronted with a bill! If it’s your dinner party make it clear to guests when (you hope) food will be served.
  • Think about the layout when taking photographs of your food. What is surrounding the dish? Would adding or taking away something improve it?
  • Take a close up shot if the table is very crowded with things or people you don’t want in your shot. It will make the dish look more dynamic anyway.
  • Take some shots to capture the ambience of the location you are eating in.
  • Think about the lighting. Adjust the white balance on your camera or move lighting or your plate so that the colour of the food looks as natural as possible, with no harsh shadows.
  • Include yourself in some of the shots enjoying your food!


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 17.50.36

  • Get so drunk you forget to take photographs after your first course.
  • Faff about with your food too much. You can easily end up making a dish look worse with a small slip of the hand. If it still looks awful it’s up to you wether you include it in your post after all!
  • Get lost in the art of photography for so long that your food gets cold and your friends get pissed off.
  • Forget to make a quick note of small things that make a big difference such as special ingredients, the way things have been cooked, whether the dish worked well together as a whole, what it was served in, service in general etc.
  • Loose your cool. Even if you are conveying your annoyance to your guests/the weight staff or your food hasn’t turned out as planned. Be assertive but always polite.
  • Become so focussed with the whole food blogging thing that you forget to enjoy yourself!

Veggie, Dairy and Gluten Free Snacks from Holland & Barrett


Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I love the Holland & Barrett website as you can un-tick everything you don’t want like ‘crustation’, ‘dairy’, ‘gluten’ etc. This makes shopping so much quicker that I actually look forward to it! I wish supermarkets  would follow suit, although Ocado also do this.

The Foods of Athenry Cookie Shots – These taste exactly like those big round yellow biscuits you used to get in school with desert. Sweet and slightly salty, very crunchy with a mild vanilla flavour.

Meridian Organic Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread – This is not jam or jelly. It is incredibly thin, so thin I could actually drink it! More pectin (jelling agent) needed in my opinion. Not as sweet as I was hoping either, slightly tart even.

Sweet Mandarin Satay Sauce (peanut free) – I didn’t realise this was free from nuts when I bought it – which I’m a little gutted about. Pleasant taste, sort of like an Asian version of HP sauce. Not similar enough to a traditional Satay source to stop me ordering my usual take-away though.

Perry Court Farm Air Dried Apple Crisps – I don’t recommend eating these when you are actually hungry as the thin slices and sweet slightly peppery flavour makes you won’t more and more of them!

Clearspring Organic Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds – Incredible flavour, good value for money and full of protein.

Nakd Apple Pie Bar (not shown) This, like the Banana Bread bar contains gluten because of the oat content. Chewy apple pieces surrounded by a soft biscuity texture. This would be amazing broken up into ice cream!


Lavera Organic Self Tanning Cream for the Face

I get a wonderful tan really easily because of my golden skin tone but my body forgot to give my face the memo! My face always looks sallow in comparison and needs some extra help so I bought Lavera (Organic) Self Tanning Cream for the Face £10.90 for 50ml.


Lavera self tan for face

The tan contains macadamia oil to moisturise which means you get an even streak free tan which lasts. This creates a subtle tan which can be increased with more light applications leaving each one to dry in between. I’m choosing to show you the results on the underside of my forearms (still rather pale), rather than my face which had too many shadows. The natural daylight has been virtually non-existed the last three days!


This is after one application and as you can see the effect is quite subtle but there are no streaks and it’s a very natural colour.


  • Moisturising
  • Natural Tone
  • Organic
  • Vegan


  • Quite expensive for the amount you get
  • Tanning effect is almost too subtle

Rating ❤ ❤ ❤

❤ Chrissie ❤



Nintendo for Vans and Wize & Ope Light Up Trainers

I’m not being sponsored by Schuh I promise, they just happen to be massively on point with their trainer game at the moment. Here are my favourites from both collections.

Wize & Ope Pop LED Trainers

Flashing sole lights, 8 light colour choices, hidden on/off switch, USB charger

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 19.09.56

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 19.10.22

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 19.09.38

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 19.10.09

Nintendo for Vans

9 patterns including 2 high-top versions

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 19.28.29

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 19.05.18

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 19.25.53

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 19.06.28

I’m not that much of a girlie girl (apart from glitter) but I do love kawaii so I think the Princess Peach one’s are utterly adorable!


My Lifestyle Lately


Visiting Tampopo

I’ve never given Tampopo a chance before as I thought it was just a noodle bar and I have a fear of messily slurping in front of strangers. However, after browsing the menu outside I realised they have an extensive selection of veggie options. Traditional flavours such as green tea, sesame, cinnamon and lychee combine with Western ingredients to create something unexpected and unique. Something that made me really respect this brand is that one of the desert pastries is fried on a grill where meat is frequently cooked so it’s not marked with a V on the menu. Most places wouldn’t even consider that one grill for everything is a problem for vegetarians.


Finding Emoji Lip balms in Superdrug

How cute are these!? Even better…There’s ten of them! I bought the monkey because he’s adorable and banana scented, the señorita as she’s my favourite (and smells of exotic cocktails!) and the kissy face as it’s water melon scented. Am I the only one who wishes there was the smiley poo that was er, chocolate scented? ^_^


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 17.56.25

Watching The Huntsman: Winters War

I went with the bloke and two of our mates to see this for my birthday and was really getting into it, until around a third of the way through where the pace seemed to slow to a near standstill. A ‘comedy’ element was introduced in the form of dwarves (the mythical kind) and a lot of petty arguing ensued between the characters. There was an action scene in the middle of this complete with a forced emotional ending but it was so predictable I was bored.

There was a point where the dwarves had some obvious expositional dialogue which sounded so mind numbingly boring I was utterly relieved when the main threat suddenly re-appeared and their plans were abandoned. Action ensued which was throughly enjoyable and the film was not predictable at all from that point onward. If you can ignore the pacing issues and the patchy tone of the scenes which lurch from the dramatic to the comedic and back again, then you should be able to enjoy this film. I’d suggest watching this with friends at home so you can have snacks and a good chat about it together whilst it’s playing.


Snacking on Vegetable Festival

I discovered an Asian wheat and dairy free version of a Pot Noodle. It comes with an utterly useless spawk making it more of an in-convienience food but tastes very similar to tasty szechwan soup. Perfect for a quick snack if you bring your own folk.



Rocking out at MASH Guru, Macclesfield

My old mate Pete and his Mrs have become the awesome owners of MASH Guru, a very funky bar with live music and independent ales. ‘A fine blend of New York Speakeasy, Berlin underground and 70s Porn Lounge, shaken not stirred. Mash is a bar with attitude, eclectic, electric and unexpected on every front.’ I couldn’t agree more!


Mr Basil drink

Drinking Mr Basil (bubble tea?)

I found these in my local Bargain World for a £1 each. They really remind my of bubble (boba) tea with the squidgy little beads but it doesn’t mention tapioca anywhere in the ingredients. They are both really refreshing but have a sweet taste and contain a lot of sugar so don’t mistake them health drinks!



Reading The Lie Tree by Francis Hardinge

I liked and admired the young female protagonist which was the reason I kept on reading but I felt Hardinge took too long to introduce ‘the lie’ tree to the story and that it was under utilised overall. The genre is gothic-murder mystery but the story lacked momentum with the suspense element building too slowly in my opinion. I found that I didn’t care for the victim and I didn’t find the suspects interesting enough to care if they were the murderer either.


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 15.41.30

It’s Alive!

I’m still marvelling over the fact I kept the bloke’s picture plant alive for 12 months and it’s doing better than ever. They are swamp plants so they have to sit in water constantly but drink it really quickly. The Bloke’s on for probably the seventh generation of Collard Dove’s who visit and chill everyday. My head bob to them means “There’s food out, come down” when they are weighting in the tree and my head movement to the right means “I know you’re new little dude but you’ve landed at the middle window you need to move over to the right one, where the seed is.”


Cranes Cider                             Cranes Cider

Enjoying Summer

Although I’m usually out and about it’s been so hot I’ve just been spending a lot of my time at my folks lounging in their back yard. They’ve planted it out beautifully and it’s a great place for OOTD shots or just chilling in sun with a magazine and a drink. Appropriate then that Cranes gifted me three bottles of their fruit cider! First of all, I love the packaging they arrived in and the pretty labels on the bottles. I found the Strawberry and Kiwi to be a little too sickly sweet in the heat. The Rasberry and Pomegranite wasn’t as sweet and was my favourite flavour. The original Cranberry, although very tart at first, was the one I’d be able to drink repeatedly as it was very refreshing.


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 17.40.34

Trying blue cheese pizza

I was sober and challenged to try blue cheese on a pizza the other day, I said yes because, well, pizza. The result was a pizza with an incredibly rich depth of flavour which I really enjoyed. Ingredients: Gorgonzola cheese, red onion, sun dried tomato, Kalamata olives, green olives, vine ripened tomatoes, sweetcorn, Elmental cheese, very small amount of jerk BBQ sauce.





Summer Clothes Haul

Joe Browns Clothing

As soon as I saw this top from Joe Browns I knew I had to have it. With lace sections front and back and a semi-loose fit it’s surprisingly cool in hot weather. The cut gives the illusion of fuller hips (great to balance out a top heavy figure) and that pattern!


I’ve always like the rock chick evening look that black crochet and lace give to an outfit and shrugs/bolero jackets which fit curves are frustratingly hard to find. This is another find from Joe Browns.


This is the sweetest denim jacket I’ve ever had. It’s fitted, fairly short waisted, very blue and very soft. I chopped the arms off my bigger denim jacket so I could wear it as a body warmer over hoodies in the winter so this is the cuter replacement from Matalan.


I only need a cowboy hat now ;o) I bought this cape in the BHS sale and adored how stylish it looked with the angular print and leather piping and how incredibly soft it was. Unfortunately if you are going to wear this almost every evening for nearly 3 months it kinda gets too fluffy so the colours overlap and it looks very bobbly. More camping blanket, than fashionable cape, hmm.

These Clark’s boots are my ultimate summer boots which seem to go with and give attitude to everything, including casual dresses, denim shorts, khaki trousers, long gypsy skirts and leather mini’s. It’s the oval toe and suede finish which makes them so versatile I think. Available in wide fit – though my feet may look boney, they are surprisingly wide and I just bought the regular size. They were also incredibly comfortable straight out of the box. No ‘breaking in’ necessary.