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Joe Browns Clothing

As soon as I saw this top from Joe Browns I knew I had to have it. With lace sections front and back and a semi-loose fit it’s surprisingly cool in hot weather. The cut gives the illusion of fuller hips (great to balance out a top heavy figure) and that pattern!


I’ve always like the rock chick evening look that black crochet and lace give to an outfit and shrugs/bolero jackets which fit curves are frustratingly hard to find. This is another find from Joe Browns.


This is the sweetest denim jacket I’ve ever had. It’s fitted, fairly short waisted, very blue and very soft. I chopped the arms off my bigger denim jacket so I could wear it as a body warmer over hoodies in the winter so this is the cuter replacement from Matalan.


I only need a cowboy hat now ;o) I bought this cape in the BHS sale and adored how stylish it looked with the angular print and leather piping and how incredibly soft it was. Unfortunately if you are going to wear this almost every evening for nearly 3 months it kinda gets too fluffy so the colours overlap and it looks very bobbly. More camping blanket, than fashionable cape, hmm.

These Clark’s boots are my ultimate summer boots which seem to go with and give attitude to everything, including casual dresses, denim shorts, khaki trousers, long gypsy skirts and leather mini’s. It’s the oval toe and suede finish which makes them so versatile I think. Available in wide fit – though my feet may look boney, they are surprisingly wide and I just bought the regular size. They were also incredibly comfortable straight out of the box. No ‘breaking in’ necessary.


3 responses to “Summer Clothes Haul”

  1. Bizarre Brunette Avatar

    Your brown boots ❤ I adore them! I love combat boots. I'm not a heels girl at all so I like boots and sneakers for sure.

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  2. Desiree Avatar

    Love the boots and black crochet jacket.


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Thanks! They are definitely both ‘earning their worth’ in my wardrobe ^_^


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