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No you’re not mixed up, it is Thursday. I’m answering a question that I missed because I don’t watch podcasts (way behind I know) and I don’t have any geeky/fandom habits as I’m genuinely quite random. So here are the fandoms I couldn’t get into.

Dr Who

I tried watching this when Christopher Eccleston was the Dr as I thought it would be a lot darker and although I found it fairly entertaining I didn’t find the threat, er, very threatening. I think they were evil angles or robots or possibly robot angels, whatever.

Peaky Blinders

After watching two series of this I liked it but then there was yet another rape in series three. A character being raped should never be used to progress the plot in, what is essentially an entertainment show. How is that entertainment?! The excuse of “it happened a lot back then” is no excuse. It happens a lot now. That’s why the term ‘rape culture’ exists, because rape is so prevelant in our own modern culture. I understand there is some place for a rape story line if it raises important relevant issues and is helpful in some way but unfortunately, in Peaky Blinders (as in GOT) it’s purely their to create drama and suspense.

Star Treck

I’ve never had a love for rubber aliens or people wearing rubber alien prostetics. This was the main reason I wasn’t buying into the whole Trecky thang. I have however come to realise that Star Treck was the first TV show to have a multi racial cast – just because, not because it was essential to the plot. I also realise how important Spock was as a character, him not understanding the social norms of the crew and seeming to value logic and reasoning over emotion and empathy, although it becomes apparent he feels just as deeply as anyone would (Asperger’s anyone?) Maybe if they started a new Star Treck series I might watch it actually!

Terry Pratchett’s Disc World

Quite an old choice now, I s’pose. I never got into these as I’d already gotten into darker fantasy novels and graphic novels like LOTR and The Crow and Joss Whedan’s stuff before I’d ever heard of Disc World. If I’d have read these when I was around 12-13, maybe I’d have liked them.

D & D

Me playing a character in a pretend fantasy world, with a straight face would not be possible. Plus, dungeons and dragons seems to go on forever! I love the idea of the cards and the dice and everyone getting together and a 50 year old man pretending to be a little dwarf wielding his powerful orb…..Aww, crap, I just can’t LOL

❤ Chrissie ❤

8 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: 5 Fandoms I Couldn’t Get Into”

  1. The Chaos Realm Avatar
    The Chaos Realm

    The first time I watched Doctor Who, I didn’t like it either…thought it was silly. I gave it other try a few years later after a friend (who was a big Doctor Who fan) urged me to watch it. Sometimes, things just have to experienced at the right time in your life, otherwise the impact is lost. Like certain books, or people. When I first watched the show lost, about…ten?…years ago, I just couldn’t get into it. I just finished up the series not too long ago, and, boy, I really related to it, in the context of what was going on in my life. Maybe I’m just waxing too philosophical about things like tv shows…and books, etc. LOL 🙂

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    1. The Chaos Realm Avatar
      The Chaos Realm

      ACK! Typo…that would be “Lost” with a capital L…*head bap*

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    2. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      I see what you mean about being able to relate to things only at certain points in your life. I’m very much like that with music where although I may have found something really cheesy in the past I’ve listened to the song again and been able to totally relate to the words and I’ve realised the music goes really well with the overall emotion of the song. Didn’t notice your typo with my dyspraxia as my brain has a way of just filling in the missing or wrong words so that what I’m reading makes sense – it’s a bitch tying to self edit my blog posts though lol


  2. Dina Farmer Avatar

    I like the Classic Who. It was pretty entertaining as a kind. Although, I’m not old enough have watched any original televised Classic Who before the 7th Doctor. I always give shows a 4 episode maximum. If I can’t get into a show by the 4th episode the relationship is over. Which thankfully for Doctor Who picked right up in the 4th. There was a royal slum in the Tennant years but, when we finally reach Smith and Calpaldi I was really into the show. It’s great. Yet, I know we all have things we love.

    I’m trying to suck up the 3rd season of Peaky Blinders but I’m having some trouble. I got the episode where Shelby’s wife was shot and I’m like…okay come one it’s gonna get better….I worry it might be that 3rd season slump that most shows experience. Yet, I am becoming more and more put off by the use of rape as a means to pushing a story line along. Why can’t there be more shows out there that never use rape as a plot device. Just push the story along by displaying good writing. A rape is not only a trigger for a lot of people it normally fails to do nothing but supply as shock value to a series. I don’t like be shocked. I boycotted GoT for this reason.

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Totally agree. As someone that’s been sexually harassed many times it just takes me right out of the bubble of what I’m watching and just makes me so angry over how women are treated by men in real life. Hardly entertaining and just shocking so as you say why bother? I might Doctor Who with Capaldi now you mention him, he’s such a good actor.


  3. Bizarre Brunette Avatar

    I can tell when people aren’t Doctor Who fans when they say “Dr. Who” lol

    Anyway i can totally respect why you aren’t into Doctor Who. In my eyes, it seems like you either love it or you just can’t get into it. That’s okay. Everyone likes different things! 🙂

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  4. B Avatar

    Christopher Eccleston is actually my favorite Doctor! Probably because I like his attitude. I tried to watch the Tennant years but I started laughing SO HARD at some of the FX and couldn’t get past it. LOL

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      I know exactly what you mean, I thought Eccleston was fantastic as the Dr just not the rest of the show and yes, the Tennant years FX were laughable.


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