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Every thing here is gluten and dairy free (that’s what’s healthier for me) but everything here is generally healthy anyway.


Clockwise from left – right; Tyrrells Poshcorn, much healthier than snacking on crisps; Nutribix, made from a very old grain called Sorghum this tastes almost exactly like Wheatabix and has the same consistency when mixed with (rice) milk; Rude Health Corn Crackers, these are better than rice cakes in my opinion as they are thinner and much more crunchy; Mrs Crimbles Jam Coconut rings, healthier than a cup cake, muffin or jam filled doughnut but just as tasty; Great Food Aromatic Moroccan Koftas, OMG are these delicious, slightly sweet but savoury in flavour and incredibly filling; Beck’s Blue, basically the non-alcoholic version of Beck’s, tastes the same but no ill-advised decisions are made afterward lol; Whole Earth Smooth Organic Peanut Butter,  containing sustainable palm oil and sea salt but no added sugar. Ironically it’s a little too salty and I add a flat teaspoon of white sugar when I include it in my smoothies.

I found these items in Tesco and Co-op, no online shopping needed.


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