The Northern Slang Dictionary – UK

This is for anyone daan saath in the UK or anyone else around the world!

Nah = I don’t think so

Innit = It really is, isn’t it

You daft bugger = You silly sausage

Fannying about = Faffing around for longer than is necessary when packing a bag etc.

Y’right? (Are you alright) = Hello

Ta = Thank you

See ya = Goodbye

The big light = The main light overhead

Solid = Really rather difficult

Settee = Sofa/couch

Under the stairs = The pantry/larder/broom cupboard

The buttons = TV remote, as in “chuck us the buttons”

Goin t’shop = Could be any or all of the shops in the immediate area

Our kid = A person who may or not be your brother

Mate = Bro

Going out = Properly going out on the town for the night

Kecks = Pants or trousers

Bumped into = Accidentally came across an old acquaintance

Tuuuune! = Really fantastic song

Fod = Forehead or head

Wankered = Really rather inebriated

Throne = Toilet

Mashed = Confused, drunk, hungover or stressed “as in ‘my heads mashed”

Muppet = Idiot

Chilly = Almost but not quite cold

Spitting = Raining a little

Hammering down = Raining very heavily

Baps = Big, round, bread buns used for butties or slang for boobs

Buttie = Something like sausages with HP sauce inside a bap

Dinner = Lunch

Tea = Evening meal

The pots = The washing up of the pots and pans

Rank = Really quite disgusting

The lurgie = Sickness as in “Don’t come too close I’ve caught the lurgie”

Brew = Cuppa = Cuppa tea

Ginnel = Back passage


6 responses to “The Northern Slang Dictionary – UK”

  1. Hahaha I LOVE all of these! I always say kecks to my southern friends and they’re like ‘You WHAT!?” haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaa! My bloke calls them strides but he’s not sure if that’s American.


  2. Haha great post! Some of these do apply to southerners too 😉

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  3. Haha, big light! I think a lot of these apply to all us lot up north – I certainly use many of those over here in Yorkshire! Bread buns though in my neck of the woods (which also doubles as boob slang!)

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    1. Haha, really, I’m gonna have to start using that lol I’ve expanded the tittle to Up North in general now.

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