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The slimmest and most contemporary looking scales I’ve ever owned (available in black and white), the Ozeri Touch II scales measure weight, body fat, hydration levels, muscle mass and bone index. It does this by using bioelectrical impedance – what? Basically our body conducts electricity and different parts conduct better or worse than others so when the scale sends an electrical pulse through your body (don’t worry, you don’t feel it), it works out the mass of each individual part. Genius!

To start using these scales you stand on them to get a reading of your weight and then programme in your height, gender and age using the simple Tare (mode), Set (enter) and direction buttons. It’s advised that you then write down the following readings of how your weight is comprised e.g. water, bone mass etc.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Built in memory can hold profiles of 8 different people
  • Maximum weight 200kg
  • Can be used quickly by anyone just measuring their overall weight
  • Re-enforced glass which is easy to clean and anti-bacterial
  • LED with calming blue light so scale can be used in low light, no need to blind everyone first thing in the morning
  • No need to bend down as buttons can be operated with toes
  • Although scale should be used on a flat surface, I still found it accurate on thin carpet and then on laminate with a very slight incline
  • Fairly light-weight and portable for this type of scale


  • People with small feet can easily press middle buttons by mistake with when weighing themselves
  • A little slippery when wet
  • Moves onto the next measurement too quickly when you are trying to write them all down for future reference
  • Memory does not save readings of measurements. Can’t review and compare your last weighings.

Ozeri Touch II Bathroom Scales £34.99 Amazon


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