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hippie beach cover up



I bought this beach cover-up from Matalan as I wanted a long sleeved tunic for summer. A Small size equals a 10/12 comfortably with a spaghetti strap vest underneath. The hem ends just above mid-thigh and the sleeves are a good length with a lovely flared shape. The fabric is only slightly sheer and surprisingly warm considering  how floaty it is.

How wild is this pattern!? Feeling tired today and slightly spaced out so I wasn’t up for a full ‘outfit of the day’ shoot but really wanted to share this with you. Peace.


5 responses to “The Perfect Kaftan & Beach Cover Up”

  1. teachezwell Avatar

    I have been hunting everywhere for a swimsuit coverup that is modest but pretty. Love this!!

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      I’m surprised you’ve not found any in the holiday section of shops. Are you going on holiday hon? I just wanted it for the mixed summer weather we are having in Manchester.

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      1. teachezwell Avatar

        I’ve found a ton of them, but they all look better suited for Las Vegas!


      2. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

        Hahaa! I think I know the type you mean, low cut with sequins everywhere?

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      3. teachezwell Avatar

        Or so sheet I might as well not bother!

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