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35 Random Things I Now Realise About Life At 35

This is one of the few (if not only) times I’ve reaveled my age on this blog, since leaving my 20’s as if it’s a secret that I’m not ‘young’ anymore. Anyway age is relative, in fact I realised that most things in life are relative and I really like being this age anyway! Here’s a list of the wonderful, weird and random things I’ve learned in my 35 years.

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  1. Everything is relative from happiness, age, health, weight and even how much drama is actually in your life and how much control you have over it. Quite often the things that seems awful at the time, could actually be a lot worse. There is nearly always a moment where things get better and that’s what we need to focus on.
  2. Just because certain skincare is expensive, doesn’t always mean it’s better than cheaper dupes.
  3. You can be really crap at stuff and it doesn’t matter as my Mum would say ‘as long as you’ve tried your best’. I mean who can ask for more than that? I will always be crap at drawing on that second wing of eyeliner so it’s even. I will always be crap at tallying up the cost of more than three products in a supermarket. Big deal!
  4. Life doesn’t just happen aroynd you as romantically serendipitous or scary as that may sound – depending on your outlook – the choices you make usually have at least some bearing on it. By not being meerley an observer in your own life and taking responsibility you feel more empowered and also realise how your actions effect others.
  5. Sometimes shit happens no matter how hard you try to get something right or to plan something or avoid something. It isn’t necessarily a reflection on your abilities, sometimes life just gets in the way.
  6. Avocados aren’t spelt ‘addvocados’ and are rarley fit for consumption, as they are either rock hard or a soggy bruised mess in disguise. If you are one of those people that can find that rare window of perfect avo goodness then you have my respect.
  7. If you only did something when it met everyone else’s approval, you would never do anything! Whether it’s your style, your hobby, your diet, all lifestyle choices basically, they are your choices. You shouldn’t have to apologise for them or bend them to fit in with other people’s idea of ‘normal’ whatever that is.
  8. There is no way to make green tea taste nice, not even with all of the honey in the world….Unless you turn it into ice cream possibly?
  9. Let it go. At the risk of sounding like Disney’s Ellsa, sometimes you just have to get over it! Life isn’t always fair, people aren’t always rational and even your favourite takeaway can get your greatly anticipated Friday night feast order totally wrong. Sure stand up for yourself and don’t take crap off people. Sure, sometimes it can be a good stress realese to look heavenwards and ask “Seriously, are you shitting me?!” or to scream into a pillow but after that…Let. It. Go.
  10. I’m a bigger geek than I first realised. I’ve found some great geek blogger forums on Facebook and reading through the news feeds I realised I was familiar with about 80% of the shows, books, games and characters mentioned, even if I wasn’t a huge fan of them all. *Geeky celebratory  dance*
  11. It is possible to do something difficult if you really, really love it. Sometimes it needs a lot of time, practice, patience and determination. If you persevere long enough you might find one day that it suddenly clicks and becomes natural and less of a struggle.
  12. If you aren’t hungry but need protein then smoothies can work wonders. Just add either peanut butter, protein powder, macha powder, hummus, quinoa or seeds.
  13. Not everyone will get it. Even some of your best friends might glaze over or quickly change the subject when you start talking about certain subjects. Even when it comes to Harry Potter, your amazing new shoes or even a chronic illness. You can’t make people be get on your wavelength and you shouldn’t take it too personally if they don’t.
  14. Surround yourself with people who do get it. For every person who you can have a laugh with and invite out to do group stuff with, I’d say there needs to be two people who totally understand you, and you them.
  15. Get out there, literally. You could wait years to find someone who wants to go with you and get frustrated or you could just go by yourself. I cannot tell you how much his has built my confidence and independence over the years.
  16. If a person really loves you they will make the effort. I’m not saying you should ever expect to change someone to fit your criteria but if they are doing something unreasonable (like being abusive) which makes you miserable, they will make a great effort to change themselves. If not, move along!
  17. Having a broad social group is fun. My social group has nearly always been a mixture of ages, races and to a certain extent classes. That way there is nearly always someone who will be up for whatever it is you are interested in. You also get wider range of advice and different perspectives and you might be surprised at how much your own perspective broadens.
  18. It’s good to have something to care for. Even if it’s just a house plant, it teaches you responsibility, gives you a sense of accomplishment and hopefully it will be a joy that enriches your life, rather a chore.
  19. Going cruelty free is really easy if I’m being honest. I’m talking about being veggie and using products that aren’t animal tested. That is my personal definition of ‘cruelty free’ (I know everyone has there own ethics and definitions and that’s just fine with me). Even if you just buy your skincare/makeup, haircare and house cleaning basics (or get inspo from Pinterest and make your own) then you have made a great start and can slowly build from there. Same with ordering things when eating out or shopping, start small and work your way toward your goal.
  20. Parents struggle too and aren’t meant to have it all figured out. Yes, they can be annoying, controlling even, they can be judgmental or a bit of a know-it-all who doesn’t take their own advice. However, they are just trying to get through life as best they can, just like you are. They are flawed just like you and need help sometimes, just like you.
  21. Fashion goes out of fashion but your style is always your own. 
  22. Everyone needs a duvet day sometimes. This doesn’t mean you are lazy only that your body and mind need some rest because they have been over stimulated by things recently and need to recharge.
  23. Even if you are a bad cook you will still rock at making pizza, fajitas,  pasta and salad. Maybe even smoothies and stir fries ;0)
  24. Bath bombs with glitter, paper or floaty bits are a pain in the arse to clean up afterwards.
  25. Most photographs can be edited to look good. Even if you only alter the contrast, brightness and saturation.
  26. ‘Me time’ is so important. I used to be the kind of person that wanted to be around people 24/7 and I was endlessly sociable. I never got to learn what I liked to do though, my own interests or what it was like to be quiet and peaceful. These days I think it’s essential to get back an equilibrium where I can cope with everything and also appreciate myself a bit more.
  27. It’s possible to be your own motivation. When you’ve felt crappy and have been staying in doors for a few days, throwing on some comfy clothes, fixing your appearance slightly and going outside, even just to the local shops or park can make a massive difference to your mood and therefor wellbeing.
  28. Not everyone will treat you in he way that you would treat them if the situation was reversed. Basically, just because you have been a thoroughly decent human being to someone repeatedly does not mean that will always return the favour. Maybe they are having an off day, maybe they aren’t as ethical as you or maybe they are just a dick.
  29. Exercise should be done enthusiastically when you are young. Believe me when I say it gets a lot harder with age, that age being 35!
  30. There’s a fine line between being a bad-ass bitch and just straight out bitchy. There are times to call out someone for bad service or letting you down and there are times when you should just hold your tongue and shrug it off. Either way you should always try to be reasonable and adult.
  31. Sometime when people say something that’s oddly profound they are trying to give you a hint. Most people don’t just say things for the sake of it. If someone says something criptic it’s usually because they are trying to give you a hint without actually committing themselves.
  32. It’s a good idea to just enhance your appearance rather than altering it completely. I enhance my features that could use it and play down the one’s that I’m not fond of but I still essentially look like myself. Ain’t nothing wrong with looking like yourself, unless you’ve sunk 12  vodka’s and stayed out until 3.00am last night.
  33. Trust your instincts. That niggling feeling you have about someone or something is probably there for a reason. I’m not saying if you feel nervous before a job interview or big social gathering. I mean if you feel genuinely apprehensive of someone’s motives or the way a situation is progressing, you never have to just go along with it.
  34. If you are wearing light coloured clothes and you are opening a container full of any kind of liquid, no matter how carefully, you will decorate yourself with it.
  35. We are all just visitors on this earth. In the grand scheme of things we are totally inconsequential. Together, however we can make a difference to each other and this planet we call home. Don’t underestimate yourself and your impact but at the same time don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy yourself!



2 responses to “35 Random Things I Now Realise About Life At 35”

  1. Quirky Little Planet Avatar

    Yes! I love this post! I agree with all of these points but the avocado one made me laugh! You are so right, avocados have literally a 3 hour window of perfection or something because as you said – rock hard or soggy mess! ugh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Glad it made you smile ☺️ ‘3 hour window’ lol


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