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I was approached by DIWAH to design my own necklace which I’ve done with another company before (and struggled with) so I was immediately interested if a little skeptical. I needn’t have been  as it was incredibly easy and fun!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 17.14.58

You can buy a pre-designed piece of jewellery, choose and adjust a template to your own liking or design a piece from scratch. You choose from 9 collections (genres) of components such as Rebel, Sea Breeze, Evening Glam which all feature beads, chains, fastenings and pendants (which are all sorted by price, size, colour type and shape) and then simply add them by dragging and dropping them onto your chain.

If you want to remove a piece just click on it and drag it off again. You can also save your progress so you don’t have to finish your design in one go.  A tally of the cost is kept in the top right of the screen as you create. Once you’ve named and saved your design, DIWAH will hand make your jewellery and then promptly send it to in the post.

Here’s my ‘Glam Punk’ collar necklace in it’s stylish box.





If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know that I don’t do subtle when it comes to my accessories. I’m kinda urban, kinda rock chick but also into my bling so I was immediately drawn to the skulls with sparkly eyes and the big gun metal grey spikes. I love the silver sparkly balls that DIWAH added surrounding the fastener and at the end of the chain, I think that’s a really nice little detail.

If you have problems with your co-ordination and dexterity or don’t want to buy beads in bulk or you need some fashionable design inspiration then DIWAH is definitely worth a visit.


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  1. Ari Carr Avatar
    Ari Carr

    Looks great!


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