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Yesterday I spent the day with my Dad and then the Bloke treated me to a spontaneous tea at our favourite not-so-local The Greenfinch in Didsbury.



13712324_1115764801813735_1472636252_n 14128763_1163861213674669_382657306_n IMG_2814





I requested a gluten free Vietnamese curry (which is naturally vegan), we shared a giant cone of onion rings and I had this amazing watermelon cheesecake!


7 responses to “A Spontaneous Kind of Day”

  1. jessicaannebrowne Avatar

    ah so lovely! I really want to try that cake yum!

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  2. Daisies and Pie (@DaisiesandPieUK) Avatar

    Oh my goodness the watermelon cheese cake just looks beyond amazing!

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Isn’t it such a lovely idea 😁


  3. Elsa Lee Avatar

    The watermelon cheesecake looks gorgeous! Are the dark bits chocolate?

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