My Customised Nike ID Trainers

I’ve wanted to design my own trainers and have them made for years so when I had a really specific idea I gave it a try.




I realised that you can’t just choose any colour or finish and that you only have certain colour options with certain styles of shoe. I picked these as they had the iridescent option of course! I’ve always loved the colour Cyan so I decided to make a third of the parts Cyan coloured and two thirds bright and shiny.

They only took two weeks to arrive andI was updated by email with each step.




You get to print something on the back so I named my design ‘WENCH’ lol

The Nike Air soles really are like walking on air but you don’t need any skill or strength to balance (unlike Sketchers memory foam). The only criticism I have is that this style is like a thick sock within a frame with the laces being barley functional unless you want your shoes (even) tighter. Unless you have skinny ankles (which I’ve been lucky to get away with this summer for once) you are going to struggle to get these on!

Big thanks goes to the Bloke who was a great sounding board when it came to shoelace colour.


7 thoughts on “My Customised Nike ID Trainers

  1. These trainers look really groovy – I keep meaning to design my own trainers but haven’t quite got round to it. time off soon – so must do it then. love bec xx


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