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Winter has come (I’ve not seen any White Walkers in my part of Manchester yet) and I’ve decided to make some sort of effort with my seasonal style as ‘onesie’ is not in my vocabulary. So I’m going to post at least one nice outfit every week, either here or on my Instagram with a list of where I bought the items (or the brand who gifted them to me) or a similar alternative. Slow and sporadic wifi at the moment so no live links to the clothes at the moment, I do apologise.


Beanie – Bon Prix

Vintage Tee – My blokes from his late teens

Cardigan – Bon Prix

Leggings – Primark

Ugg boots – Next

Here’s my two previous #OOTD shots.



I seem to have progressed almost to full elf status in my latest outfit (top of this post) but it’s so comfy! Hmm, maybe I should reign (deer) it in a bit. Sorry, not sorry.


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