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  1. Extra large Mochas with hazelnut, ginger bread, pumpkin spice, fudge, salted caramel, basically anything that makes it taste like desert.
  2. An excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes – well, half at least.
  3. Easy-to-wear long cardigans with sleeves that your hands disappear into. Being able to wear your adorkable jumper/beanie/mittens with pride.
  4. Cozy pubs who are finnally bothering to light their traditional wood or log fires.
  5. A full Sunday roast (nut roast, please!)  is even more welcoming after coming in from the cold!P1060281
  6. Snow!
  7. No longer having to refrigerate left overs with military timing.
  8. Snuggling up to your man or your pet.
  9. Long, hot bubble baths with candles and a good book.
  10. Hair looking relaxed because it’s not being tormented by humidity.
  11. The sky is beautifully dramatic and now your Insta feed is to.
  12. If you’ve run out of milk in the morning you can sneak to the local shops in your PJ’s because your duvet-like coat is so long that no one will notice.
  13. New hearty seasonal menus at your favourite restaurant.
  14. Snowball fights. It’s amazing how quickly you warm up after a few minutes of dodging snowballs to the face!
  15. Ice skating or the chance to watch others try, while you sit with a mug of hot choccy.

Let me know what you like about winter, have I missed anything?


8 responses to “15 Reasons To Love Winter!”

  1. themofman Avatar

    I still prefer a long, hot summer.

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  2. GoodEggFoodie Avatar

    Hot baths! Had my annual Lush gift box so need to crack into them bathbombs!!


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      It’s weird, I’ve never asked for actual bath bombs from LUSH just a big list of other things that my poor bloke had to give to the assistant before running out of the shop to breathe! I think I’ll be adopting your annual tradition ^_^


  3. Stephanie Avatar

    I have to agree with the hot baths and xmas markets! it’s pretty much a spot on list x

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  4. hodgepodgedays Avatar

    Yes to all of those, especially the winter markets. I’m always so sad when they go.

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  5. Haylee Avatar

    The shopping for milk in PJs tip is my favourite!

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