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I’ve found the crisp equivalent of a Yorkie chocolate bar – giant, chunky Slabs crisps. Each crisp is huge and absolutely full of flavour, literally awesome.


I don’t think I’ve ever tasted crisps with more flavour than these Sweet Red Chilli one’s, wow!


Full house, dairy and wheat free! Shame it’s only the sea salt flavour though.


Here is something to always watch out for, just because the flavouring of something sounds dairy free, such as ‘Salt & Malt Vinegar’ it’s really important to read the ingredients. As you can see these contain lactose, a sugar derived from milk.


Bread suitable for vegans? Fantastic! When I saw that these were individually cooked round breads I thought the crusts were going to be really hard but they were so light and really easy to eat, with or without a topping of mayo etc. I had to leave these alone after eating 3, 4, ok 6, because of my gluten intolerance but I highly recommend these to any veggie or vegan.


4 responses to “Slabs Crisps & Bruschetta (dairy and/or gluten free) review”

  1. Bec Avatar

    these sound lovely – I’ll definitely need to try them (i’m lactose intolerant). hope all’s well with you. Love bec xx

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      They were really nice. I just wish the whole lactose inclusion wouldn’t be an issue in the flavouring of things but then I suppose it might be gluten or yeast instead, so hard for a brand to win really!


      1. Bec Avatar

        I have to read labels carefully as it’s really inconsistent between brands too

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      2. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

        I was very disappointed that the salt & vinegar one’s weren’t dairy free but I was chuffed that they hadn’t marked it as vegan because of the lactose. So many people don’t even know what it is!


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