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I am by no means an expert when it comes to photography and have actually hated the way that I look for most of my life due to racist bullying (“Yeah but what is she though?”) but here are all of the lessons I’ve learned about photography and myself when embracing the selfie.


Black and White can really clarify a photo. This originally had a very realistic poster of a forest in the background but I was wearing my red and white dressing gown, what!? Now it looks like it could be a camo jacket and the b&w edit really simplifies the shot.


Colours don’t always turn out to be realistic. I thought this sorbet yellow wall would really compliment the pastel tones in my hair and jumper but thanks to harsh blue toned overhead lighting, the wall appeared to be acid yellow! No amount of editing could change it. Maybe I should have fixed the white balance on my camera before taking the shot I don’t know. Any ideas? I do love the cheeky expression on my face here though.


Be yourself and don’t edit the crap out of your selfies until you look like an a mannequin . I really like this one, even though I look far from perfect, maybe that’s why I like it. It’s just cute, quirky me!


When it’s a really sunny day don’t take a selfie in front of a window with obstructions  in front of it as they will cast shadows onto you. Smile like you mean it, don’t do a weird wonky fake one lol No point in making an effort with your appearance if you aren’t going to bother tidying the background.


Be spontaneous and silly sometimes!


Balance your lighting. Try to even up your lighting so it’s not all hitting you from one side. Also, velvet looks lacklustre really easily in photographs, unless you get the lighting just right. I still like this one though.


Don’t take a selfie when you are silhouetted by the light behind you. I’m pretty good at editing but this was the best I could do without making the image look grainy and greying out any contrast.


I just love this one. It’s a joke between me and the Bloke. It’s my ‘but I need you to pick up my take away order for me, it’s too cold outside’ face.


Consider your angles. I’ve tried to recapture the angle of this but have ended up with massively unflattering ten-chin selfies instead. It’s one of the few lower angled selfies that I’m pleased with.


Be aware of that annoying thing you always do in photographs. I like my little unenthused smirk as I think it lends it’s self well to the feel of the shot. However, I always need to remember that my eyes are a lot narrower than I realise, giving me permanent resting-bitch-face unless I make a big effort to open them more. Still I s’pose they lend themselves well to my overall attitude in this particular selfie lol


Learn what angles don’t suit you. This is one of those rare selfies where I’m not face on to the camera. I’ve learned this angle is as near to the side as I can get while still still appearing flattering.


Learn what angles do suit you. This angle is pretty flattering for anyone I think. It’s also the perfect angle for days when the light keeps bouncing off your specs.


Don’t be scared of colour. I only took this selfie to see what my hair looked like but I actually love the clashing colours of purple and turquoise along with my orange hair. It really makes my hair colour stand out.



So, some good one’s, some that would have been good if not for rookie mistakes, some which came out better than expected, some interesting lessons, and some I love. Taking selfies on a more regular basis really has helped me appreciate my natural appearance so much more than I used to, it’s also honed my photography skills and has helped me to be more expressive and relaxed when being photographed in general.

Any tips for me? Be kind!


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  1. Susan C Avatar

    I enjoyed reading your poost


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