30 Random Things I Appreciate

As this hot weather is kicking my chronically fatigued arse – no matter how much salt and water I have and no matter how many cans of energy drinks and jars of coffee I go through – I thought I’d write a simple list post. A positive reminder to value the simple things in life.

  1. Having someone kind enough to go out and buy almond milk to make me iced coffee
  2. Caffeine in all its wonderful forms
  3. Feeling alert and awake
  4. Cold shoulder tops and strapless dresses which don’t fall down (I might as well add unicorns and mermaids here)
  5. Quiet neighbours
  6. Friendly neighbours
  7. Dairy free White-Russian’s
  8. The ambient music on the main screen of the PS4 as it helps me concentrate more than silence
  9. The fact I have a laptop so my hands and neck don’t cramp up after ten minutes of typing
  10. Lots of natural light pouring inside
  11. Shade from trees outside
  12. Having a cool shower on a stiflingly hot day
  13. Cucumber sticks and humus
  14. Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream
  15. An appetite, clearly
  16. Giant bolster cushions from Ikea
  17. Vans and Converse trainers
  18. Someone to watch sci-fi, superhero and fictional detective TV shows with
  19. Those pretend-felt blankets from Ikea
  20. Gluten free beer
  21. Bloody Mary’s (best hangover cure, ever!)
  22. A strong and constant wifi signal
  23. Awesome people I chat to regularly on social media or through my blog
  24. Offers of collaborations from some lovely brands
  25. A partner who’s into gaming at the same level as me
  26. Having a terrible head for figures but knowing the value of things
  27. Well grilled ‘cheese on toast’ with black pepper
  28. Hugs
  29. Restful sleep
  30. People reading all of this list

❀ Chrissie ❀

10 thoughts on “30 Random Things I Appreciate

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  2. Awwww I really love reading posts like this – I may do a similar one myself, it’s always nice to remind ourselves as to what makes us happy.



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