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Peel? Sounds scary! Actually no, the Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel (£55) is a very gentle process which doesn’t even cause redness.


The Claim

‘Instantly brightens skin and reduces hyperpigmentation… Actively smoothes and perfects skin to enhance luminosity’

The Science Bit

‘Glycolic Acid exfoliates to accelerate turnover of dark damaged cells, removing dullness and improving skin texture to make skin glow.’

‘Vitamin C and Indian Fig protect against free radical damage while enhancing skin clarity and luminosity for an illuminated complexion!’

‘Myrtle Extract supports collagen production to boost youthful resilience and elasticity.’

To Use

Gently massage onto your clean face and neck, leave on up to 10 minutes (you might feel a slight warming sensation) and then rinse off with a warm wash cloth.

Does it work?

Absolutely! It’s such a shame that it’s so difficult to show smoothness of skin in a photograph because this really made a difference.

The pores on my nose looked smaller and my skin felt incredibly smooth, in fact it looked really healthy. My skin didn’t feel tight or dry and my daily moisturiser was absorbed really quickly, rather than it just sitting on the surface.

A few days after exfoliating there is usually a small blemish or dull flakeyness (my skin renews its self quickly so I get a build up of skin cells which dull my complexion and blocke pores) but my skin looked great for four days! My cheeks didn’t look instantly smoother but a BB balm was sufficient coverage – even when I went out for drinks that evening.  I’m going to keep on using this every four – five days as it’s gentle enough.

Expense This is at the very top of my skin care budget but considering the cream is very thick and I only had to use a small amount to get a big effect, I know this will last me a long time. Plus, if I only use this on problem areas it will last even longer!

Rating 5/5 (I need a 6!)

Have you considered using any kind of facial peel before?


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