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Lush have 16 halloween related products including bath bombs, bubble bars, a black lip tint, a shimmer bar (for party skin) and soap. I chose this Monsters Ball (£4.50) bath bomb because my legs love the Himalayan rock salt as it helps with water retention and wrestless legs syndrome at night. Plus he’s a cute little monster.

The combination of lime and neroli oil combined to create an unexpected scent, reminiscent of zingy strawberry sweets which lasted all through my bath. It fizzed for a long time and turned the water pink, then blue and then all purple. I broke him (it!) up into two as there was more than enough for one bath. Relaxing, uplifting and made my skin surprisingly soft.

Rating 4/5 (I’m saving the extra point for when I get the beautiful golden Bubble Bar)




4 responses to “Lush (Halloween) Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb”

  1. seraphincosplay Avatar

    I just recently tried Lush products for the first time, and I am definitely in love! I saw these on the website, and they reminded me of the characters from the movie Monsters Inc! I’ll be hitting up Lush soon for some more goodies, and I’m interested in trying out the Fragrant Jewels bath bombs, too!


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      They are definitely more hit than miss ^_^


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