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It was the Blokes birthday recently and he chose to go to Chaophraya (named after the longest river in Thailand). We’ve always found the decor, the atmosphere, the food and the staff to be lovely so it’s always been a treat to eat there. I was a little disappointed there were no gluten free beer options and that they only had Singh beer on offer but the cocktail menu more than made up for that. The Banana Daiquiris were as amazing as they sound, although the Bloke wasn’t quite as keen.


I’ve always appreciated that the chefs at Chaophraya know how to cook veg so it’s almost al dente but not a challenge to bite. They also use the lightest tempura batter and make surprisingly thick pancakes which taste more like comfort food, rather than part of a starter.


We have started our own trend of ordering a starter or a big main salad, as a side that we can both share. The shredded papaya salad with peanuts, veg, lime, chilli and sugar sounded appealing. All of the flavours combined to make it the tastiest and most refreshing salad I’ve ever eaten.


We both love the creamy, spicy Masaman curry but they had it with lamb on the menu so we asked if we could have a veggie version. They said no problem and even asked if we wanted to include tofu. We also ordered coconut rice as we thought it would go well with the curry and the lime flavours in the papaya salad, which it did.


Note: In some areas of the restaurant they have soft banquette seating and some are much lower than average chairs with no back support. So depending on your needs, it’s worth noting when booking if you want to sit at the many tables and chairs.


19 Chapel Walks, Manchester M2 1HN
T: 0161 832 8342


8 responses to “Chaophraya – Thai Restaurant – Manchester”

  1. MissPond Avatar

    I love Thai food and have never had a bad meal at Chaophraya. Always worth booking too I think, gets very busy!

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Everytime we’ve been it’s been lovely too. It was oddly quiet when we went on Sunday, we had a whole little room to ourselves which was nice.


  2. Michelle loves to eat Avatar

    Reading this is making me hungry! I’ll put Chaopraya on my list now 🙂

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Reading some of your blog posts earlier was making me hungry too! ☺️


  3. Britta Avatar

    Ah, this food is making my mouth water for Thai food! When I lived in Thailand, I got SO tired of eating Thai food all the time, but this post is making me want to go find a Thai restaurant in my area. 🙂 Hope you had a happy birthday celebration for the bloke!

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Ah thank you, yeah it was really chilled. I know what you mean about eating something so much it becomes boring, I found that with sweet Thai Chili because everything vegetarian used to be that flavour once lol


  4. Hunida Avatar

    Happy birthday to the bloke! I love Thai food, it all looks so yummy!


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      He says “Ah that’s sweet, thank you.” I think some people assume Thai food might be boring but I think it’s so creative and interesting.

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