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It’s the end of Polyvore as we know it as it’s now turned into a shopping website called SSense, meaning all of our mood boards and outfit collages have just disappeared – never to return! Luckily the reason why I started using Polyvore was to share my creations on my blog so I still have them – phew!


Fruity and Fabulous

Stylish Stationary

Summer in the City

Jumper, Jeans & Heels (JJH)

Late 80’s Early 90’s Cool

Girls Cagool, Boys Drool

Life is Better, Down Where it’s Wetter…

Rose Gold

Belt Bags, Belt Bags, What Ya Gunna Do

Superhero Stuff


Cross Your Heart

Rainbow Unicorn

I’m So Fancy – Velvet

Colourful Kicks


Glam Goth

Rose Gold & Monochrome

Geek Girl

It’s the Vinyl Countdown

Miss Sporty

Summer Style Sensible Shoes

Stranger Things…Have Happened

Girls Night Out

Sneaker Pimps

Looking Well Shady

Glam Rock

Back to Nature

Big Kid

Tough Bitch

I’m going to stop now and post more next week. I mean, how many mood boards can one handle at once, really? ;o)







4 responses to “Style Mood Boards Vol 1 & 2”

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Thank you so much hon! This award means a lot because I was worried I was drifting away from natural skincare and beauty too much but it made me remember that I started blogging in the first place to have a fun magazine style so thank you! xx


    2. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      I like your answers, boyfriends really are so useful hehe! ;o)


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