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I care a lot about environment because the planet is my home and also home to so many other people, plants and creatures who depend on it functioning properly. I’m doing my best to support companies committed to reducing waste packaging or using recycled/recyclable packaging so I was looking forward to trying Slap Stick £16.95, 30g from LUSH. It’s a solid foundation egg, flat on one side and coated in wax (so you have some part to hold), which lives in a little cardboard box…

…That was until I opened it and it already looked a mess and then when I tried to lower it back into it’s box, I covered the sides in foundation and when I tried to close the lid it skimmed some foundation off the top of the stick! I get that LUSH are trying to reduce packaging but to reduce it to the size that it doesn’t actually fit the product? Ah – no.

The second thing that really attracted me to this product was the range has 40 shades, including warm, neutral and cool undertones and yellow/golden tones in general. The website matches the staff from LUSH to the shades in videos and there is a handy comparison photo showing three peoples arms sampling the whole range. I think I have pale-medium skin with warm (yellow) undertones as my veins look purple and teal; not blue or green as is the most common way you are supposed to be able tell. So I chose 12W.

The line in-between the shadow on my face near my ear and the glow of light on the front of my cheek, is where I’ve left the foundation unblended. Perfect match! Even though the stick looks too dark, the colour is surprisingly sheer but the coverage is still medium.

Slap Stick contains a massive 45% coconut oil as well as Jojoba oil so it moisturises skin. I know that some people do tend to break out with coconut oils because of allergies so I’m a little surprised they chose this ingredient but fortunately my dry skin absolutely loves it!

The texture is like a cream to powder compact and the only way I was able to spread it was to apply, leave for a few minutes and then spread with the warmth of my fingers. It stayed put all day though and covered any redness I had.

Rating 3/4



8 responses to “Slap Stick Foundation LUSH”

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    […] When I heard that LUSH were releasing a solid foundation called Slap Stick and that it came in 40 shades with three undertones, I had to try it. See what I thought here. […]


  2. Bizzimummy Avatar

    What a shame about the rubbish packaging as the product looks fab!

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      If they had just made it a teeny tiny bit bigger it would be such a faff.


  3. Hunida Avatar

    Seems like more work than I’m willing to put in but that egg is so cool! I’ve never seen anything like it!

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Haha yeah! This one is not for when you aren’t in a rush or your when your skin is cold. Doesn’t slide off in the heat though and I skipped moisturiser being lazy one day and it was surprisingly ok. IDK!?

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      1. Hunida Avatar

        It’s so interesting!!

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  4. Jess Avatar

    Bit annoying about the packaging. I think sometimes Lush glaze over functionality in a bid to make a statement. Shame cause the foundation actually looks good!


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      I totally agree! My friend bought me a package free shower exfoliating bar for my birthday but when she’d used her own a few days before giving me mine, she realised she needed to buy seperate Metal storage tins so they wouldnt quickly melt in the humidity and there wasn’t grit all over the shower. She actually had to spend more money just to make that particular product viable, when it should have already come with one. Smh.


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