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Often when I explain to people that I’m veggie and have a gluten and dairy intolerance, they often ask “Then what do you eat then?”

Top shelf: Chilled Water; Burger Sauce (this is as close to prawn cocktail sauce I’ve found and I love it on salad); Spanish Tortilia.

Middle shelf: Giant Green Olives; Organic Humus; Quorn Smokey Ham Free Slices; Violife Block Original (dairy free cheese, which is great for gooey toasties).

Bottom Shelf: Humus, Artichoke hearts in oil, Sacla Free From Green Pesto, Tahini (perfect for making your own humus by adding the tahini with tinned chickpeas, garlic paste or fresh and olive oil and blending); Gosh! Veggie Moroccan Spiced Koftas.

Salad Draw: Usually iceberg lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, onion, bell pepper; Mixed pickled veg which I love as it’s so crunchy!

Top door shelf: East End Very Hot Green Chilli; East End Hot Mango and Chilli (can’t taste any mango but it is very refreshing, used sparingly); Pitted Black Olives x2; East End Tamarind Sauce (sweeter than the original paste); Sriracha Hot Sauce (sweeter and less vinegary than Tabasco).

Bottom door shelf: Tyskie (not mine, I prefer Peroni – gluten free);OKF Farmer’s Aloe Vera with Water Melon (tasty and so hydrating); Vita Coconut Water (er, so hydrating); Alpro Almond Milk (great with coffee or for making ‘cheese’ sauce).

I’d love to hear if you have any questions or if there are other ways that you would use these items?


5 responses to “What’s In My Fridge”

  1. Hunida Avatar

    I need to find that Violife cheese, all the faux cheese I’ve got never melts to that gooey texture. Also, I have a whole jar of tahini I only used once in a recipe — I had no idea you could turn it into hummus, thanks for teaching me that! I’ll have to try it. ♡

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Oh nice one! What did you use it for hon? I don’t know what else to do with it, ha!


  2. Britta Avatar

    Have you come across any plant based meat substitutes that don’t use soy? I’ve a pescetarian, but I avoid soy for health reasons. I stay away from meat substitutes, because they’re usually packed with soy, but I’m curious about what you’ve found. Given that we live in different countries, we don’t have access to all the same products, but I want to know what’s out there overall.


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Ive just had a look in the fridge freezer and most of it (Quorn and Linda McCartneys) states either ‘SOY protein’ or the more ambiguous ‘micro protein’. However, I can only buy the ones that don’t contain wheat, which might be why they are all soy based instead.

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