10 Reasons Why Autumn Is Better Than Summer

No Mozzies! No more walking around smelling of ‘Jungle Formula’ mozzy repelant either.

You are able to sleep at night. Goodbye to that annoying routine of throwing sheets off only to find it feels strange to sleep without them and then dragging them back on 30 minutes later.

The stunning fiery coloured leaves on trees. Even better if you have one that’s a beautiful undecided mixture of green, yellow, orange and red.



Quick shopping hauls for clothes that are guaranteed to fit. Big cozy jumpers, ankle boots, boyfriend hoodies and cute PJ’s. Not forgetting gloves, scarves and socks – no one ever said “I’m too fat for this scarf!”

Darker evenings mean you have more time to gaze at the stars and wonder about the universe. Right before your Netflicks marathon.

Your pasty body suddenly seems less of an issue. You never did get that ‘beach ready body’ and you realised your celeb crush actually has a ‘Dad bod’ but now none of this silliness matters anyway. 


Pumpkin spiced everything – apparently. Us Brits haven’t exactly got our heads around this American trend yet but Starbucks pumpkin spiced coffee does sound intriguing!

Halloween. That one day of the year where you get to wear fancy dress and look freaky yet cool – unless you are into Cosplay then it’s normal.

Rain showers. The sound of the rain when you are indoors is oddly relaxing. Outside, the constant mixture of rain and sun will create a rainbow, eventually.


Bonfire Night meaning stunning firework displays, that are so much more than just being ‘Insta-worthy.’ Ooooohh!

What are your Autumn loves?

Chrissie xx

18 responses to “10 Reasons Why Autumn Is Better Than Summer”

  1. Fall fashion is my favorite! Big cozy jumpers, give me them all! ♡ I think my #1 autumn love is hot apple cider though. 🙂

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    1. Cider in the U.K. is a big thing either when you are a teen hanging in the park or as an adult with hipster flavoured ones. I’ve never tried it hot though!?

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      1. Hahaha I don’t mean the alcoholic beverage cider! I’m talking about the stuff sold in glass jugs (most of the time), it’s made from real apples– almost like apple juice but 100x better (especially warmed up)! Is it not a common Autumn thing in Manchester?!


    2. Ok so I’m mistakenly talking shit, apparently my Bloke used to love it!

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      1. Oh! Does he know what I’m talking about or is he also referring to the alcoholic bevvie lol?


        1. Yes he is. I could tell because he said it used to get him ‘totally twatted’ which means ‘very drunk’. A swing and a miss with this particular Autumn thing I think, haha!

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          1. LOL! Oh no! That is not the cider I’m talking about! I am actually not a fan of that alcoholic stuff. 😛


            1. Me neither, gets me too loopy!

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  2. I love this list. Summer used to be a favorite season when I was in school, but now it’s just okay. The weather is nice sure, but I really adore spring and fall.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m the same; great when Summer used to make school feel special but as an adult I much prefer everything that goes with Autumn as you can tell!


  3. I’m still a summer gal, but all the pretty changing leaves and warm hoodies are the things I look into. Well besides Halloween and NYCC since it’s always in October. As far as pumpkin spice stuff I feel like I may the only person who isn’t all give me all the pumpkin spice things!! Great list though.


    1. Cheers! I’m going to give the pumpkin spice a go at some point but I know what you mean. I think because I’m so mard with the cold I prefer to be wrapped up in Autumn rather than caught out in a summer shower and shivering in a dress lol Is NYCC New York Comi-Con? That would be awesome!


  4. I’m all for no mozzies weather woo hoo just not looking forward to the spiders!

    Ashleigh x

    ♡ Being Ashleigh – Lifestyle, Food, Photography and Fashion blog ♡


    1. I never thought of that. I think the ones in my house must hibernate or something!


  5. I LOVE Autumn! For me it marks the run up to Christmas. I love the weather as it’s not too hot nor cold, I love the gorgeous scenery and all of the colours and leaves changing, I love the changes in the fashion, I love how there are more films and series on TV as people spend more time in doors, I love hot chocolate and onesie nights but my favourite is the festivities and the hustle and bustle of shoppers and parties!

    Chelsea | http://www.lifeinthenorth.com


    1. Nailed it! I love that we get new series to watch as we are staying in more but still going out for specific fun events, yup ^_^


  6. Yesss! Completely agree with this. I much prefer autumn to summer. I’m really excited to start making wintery food like soup and stews again. It is far too hot in the summer for food like that!

    Laura x


    1. I’ve been eating far too much junk food in the evenings like chips and pizza. As you say it will be nice to get back to wanting big bowls of stewy goodness ^_^


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