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A Quick Catch Up


Hi lovely people!

I’ve not been blogging for a bit as I’ve been chillin at the blokes and doing life admin in between. Ive read all but one of the books on my Autumn Reading List which amazes me as applying my attention to reading (and finishing) a book was never my strong point.

I’ve changed the heading description for this blog Andy updated the photo so hopefully it’s more representative of the content and how I look on daily basis. Hope you like!

Like a lot of you have probably learned, Pizza Express is in dire financial trouble. I’m pretty gutted! I love Pizza Express because their gluten and dairy free options are extensive and delicious; their staff are (mainly) polite and patient and their chefs are accommodating. I reckon their food is authentic, creative and affordable.

After booking in for two nights, we realised that they weren’t going to fold (insert tactless calzone joke here) for at least a year. This made us relieved that their staff would, maybe, have time to find new jobs.

The first night was tonight (Tues) but I woke up with my neck and shoulder hurting so much because I’d slept funny and I had a funky tummy doing seriously foreboding rumbling noises. I had to cancel.

I will be there on Thursday, taking photo’s of dishes from their new menu and then posting a review. I won’t be drinking wine so I won’t be accidentally eating the food before I’ve taken a piccy of it, hehee.


4 responses to “A Quick Catch Up”

  1. Hunida Avatar

    Love the new photo & the heading description is perfect for your blog. 🙂 Congrats on almost finishing your reading list! I can’t wait to see your foodie photos!

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Thank you so much hon, I’ve never stressed over one little sentence more in my life so Im chuffed you think it fits. I thought it sounded better than ‘a bit of every thing’. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hunida Avatar

        Lol I know what you mean!!


  2. B Avatar

    Can’t wait to see some yummy food pics!

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