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A8884073-F675-4D47-AD95-379956FD109FThe rather sad freezing but I’m still chuffed that the bloke found these dairy free Banoffee deserts in Morrisons! They taste a cross between banana and butterscotch Angel Delight with the texture of creme brûlée. 🤤

The only problem is that they are in little plastic posts which aren’t recyclable, not in Manchester anyway. 😔


2 responses to “Banoffee Pots by The Coconut Collaborative – Dairy Free!”

  1. Hannah Read Avatar
    Hannah Read

    Those sound really good! I love banoffe. What supermarkets can you buy them from?


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      We found them in Morrisons and I know Coop have stocked the Coconut Collaborative before.


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