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The second book I treated myself to for Christmas is Pocket Dolly Wisdom by Hardy Grant Books (£5.24), a little hardback book full of quotes from the simultaneously fabulous, yet down-to-earth Dolly Parton.


Full of Dolly’s opinions on fashion, her career, love, her hair, life, men, and her womanly assets!

Me and my Dad ended up reading out our fave quotes to each other and it started some interesting conversations about life, self worth, style and also gave us a good laugh, so please don’t think that Dolly is just for middle aged Mums!

As I once apparently said as a kid “I want to be like Dolly Parton when I grow up.”



4 responses to “Pocket Dolly Wisdom book – Wonderful, Witty & Wise!”

  1. Cara Avatar

    I enjoyed reading yourr post

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  2. Hunida Avatar

    Aw I really love Dolly Parton. All of her quotes are so great & that’s super fun your dad was reading off his faves with you. 😊


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