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Life Update – A Christmassy One

The Bloke is being a miserable tw@tt and not putting up a tree (even though he’s coming up with great present ideas!) so I bought him this festive bunch from Bloom and Wild (with my money off voucher). They delivered to the flat door, which was much appreciated.

I’ve been buying things that I would need anyway in the (never ending) sales as well as a few little treats for myself, including these vintage style Christmas tree earrings from Marks & Spencer.

I’ve gotten all of my ‘big jumpers’ out of storage but I can’t actually fit my faux leopard fur or my leather trench coat over them – doh!

Dad has decorated the place for Christmas which it looks lovely and is such a mood booster. He’s discovered charity shops sell DVDs really cheaply and has become a bit of a film nut in his later years!


This has been my mode of operation lately so I thought I’d turn it into an Instagram quote.

It’s that time of year again for ‘Chrissies Special Coffee’ instant coffee, two sugars, loads of hazelnut milk (or dairy free Baileys) and a little maple syrup.

What are your Winter and Christmas traditions?


One response to “Life Update – A Christmassy One”

  1. Bizarre Brunette Avatar

    I love your leggings, they look so comfy.

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