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Barry M have collaborated with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and artist Emily Lamb to create three limited edition, vegan Wildlife pallets (£7.99). The special thing is that 20% of the net profits go straight to the specific animal on the pallet you have chosen. The tiger pallet has neutral and very warm tones but I’ve always loved pangolins and rhinos so I chose those two. They happen to really compliment each other too.

The Pallets

The Pangolin is the brightest little pallet that I’ve ever seen!

The Rhino is much more neutral but shimmery.

The Pallets

These prove that pallets made out of cardboard can still be sturdy and durable. I love how light and transportable these are and the small but functional mirror is a great touch.

The shadows

The immediate colour pay off isn’t quite as much as I was expecting from such velvety soft shadows and vibrant colours but to be fair, they are very solidly pressed in the pan. They do glide on and are very easy to build to get the depth of colour you want.

The pigment doesn’t shift easily so they aren’t the easiest shadows to blend but because I have oily eyelids and hooded eyes I prefer that they stick around.

The matts have great depth and even the neutral tones show up against my warm skin tone. The shimmers are beautiful with ‘Powerful’ in the Rhino pallet being an actual pan of glitter!


Ideally I would use the shimmers for my lid, inner corners and under the highest part of my brow. I’ll use the matts in a rounded shape above my lid and outer corners. It would look stunning with just two colours applied all around the eye, like teal and bronze or purple and pink, which is what I’ll do most often.


4 responses to “Limited Edition Barry M Wildlife Eyeshadow Pallets”

  1. Hunida Avatar

    Oh wow! That Pangolin palette is super bright, I love it. I’m glad the formula works out for you even if others may complain about some of the things you mentioned.

    The best part is that they donate to help each animal represented. That’s amazing!

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  2. Sandra Avatar

    I have seen lots of pretty bright palettes like these. I’m reluctant because I’m not sure how these colors would look on my skin tone. Do you like the looks you’ve created so far? I like your bravery!


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Well, it’s necessity rather than bravery as neutral colours don’t show up on my warm golden skin tone. As far as colours go you’ve got pastels, earthy colours, sunset colours, just one light sweep of a bright colour with a fluffy brush or using a bright colour in a more solid way as eye liner. Something will suit sweetie. Xx

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      1. Sandra Avatar

        Thanks Chrissie! I trust your honest reviews!


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