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At the moment it’s really difficult to find gluten free pizza or pizza bases (and impossible to find yeast free one’s full stop) in supermarkets but gluten or yeast free wraps and flat breads are more likely to be stocked.


Flat bread (gluten free), layer of red pesto & 1st kind of cheese

Flat bread, layer of green pesto & 2nd kind of cheese

Flat bread & topping of tomato sauce mixed with red pesto


Fried mushrooms

(would have liked fried onion but run out of onions)

Red bell pepper

Black olives

Finley chopped sun dried tomatoes

Mixed dried herbs

3rd kind of cheese (strong Cheddar)

Black pepper.

Dairy free pesto is a fave topping/dip but I’ve not found any melty dairy-free cheeses that I like the flavour and texture of yet (plain Violife not bad but very bland). The Bloke surprised me with this so that’s my excuse! 🤭🤗

What would be your toppings?


One response to “Makeshift Gluten/Yeast Free Pizza”

  1. Sandra Avatar

    Looks delicious! I never thought to try fried onion on pizza! Must give that a go. I usually do bell pepper, onion, and mushroom with spicy marinara. I’m with you tho. There’s no substitute for real cheese. I miss real cheese pizza. Especially in weird times like these. All I want is comfort food! I hope you’re doing well Chrissie!

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