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My Skin History

In my teens and early twenties I had terrible skin, with lots of tiny bumps under the surface as well many active spots. I wouldn’t say it was full blown acne but it was close enough for my GP to say it was hormone related and to put me on pills aged 16. They did nothing. Then at 28 the spots were mainly on my T-zone and only around four at a time by now but I’d still look bright red without full coverage foundation, so I went on the contraceptive pill. It helped my crazy oily T-zone and therefore my spots, as well as being a handy form of birth control. Age 30 after a lot of research online about hormones and inflammation and healthy diets etc. I took a food intolerance test. I tested a big positive to milk and gluten. After cutting way down on gluten my tummy and face was less bloated and my eyes less puffy. After cutting way down on dairy my skin cleared completely! I stopped waking up with a bright red face as well, which was such a relief!

These days I usually have fairly blemish-free skin but it’s actually very dry and dehydrated. The texture has always felt grainy (even though you can’t see it) as if my skin doesn’t produce enough natural acids to melt away the dead skin. I also go randomly go bright red every now and then, due to dust allergies and water temperature sensitivity.


  • Stick to my skincare routine (exfoliation/cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser, oil)
  • Hydrate enough in general
  • Eat more fruit and veg
  • Avoid ALL dairy for a month (surprisingly tricky)
  • Blemish free skin
  • Even toned skin
  • Moisturised skin
  • Hydrated skin
  • Plumper skin


  • Murad, Age Reform, AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
  • The Ordinary, Lactic Acid 5% Superficial Peel
  • Nip + Fab, Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Acid
  • The Body Shop, Vitamin C Moisturiser
  • Murad, Essential C Moisturiser, SPF 30
  • Herbal Dynamics Beauty, Revit Age, Concentrated Face Balm
  • Love Beauty Foods, Clay Face Scrub

[I will use The Ordinary Lactic Acid Peel if I’m too tired to use the Murad exfoliater as it takes a lot of massaging and rinsing. I also have a weird sensory-avoidance thing about splashing my face with water some days!? I will use the Murad moisturiser if I need any sun protection.]

Week 1


My skin is very dry and dehydrated. My oil/balm seems to just be sitting on top of my skin. Need to keep on top of my healthy eating better.


Still feel dry and dehydrated, even though I’ve done all of my skincare routine but at least I look a little glowy. Existed on watered down energy drink and takeaway today so not the best but it was vegan and so dairy free.


I have 7 spots which could be due to previous dairy intake. After three days of gentle exfoliation, my skin is absolutely sucking up the moisturiser and facial balm. Had a big protein salad and drank all of my water bottle.


Made a fresh banana milkshake with a very ripe banana, some hazelnut milk and a stick blender. Spots are still lingering and I’ve run out T-tree gel and Witch Hazel so I applied a little Savlon antiseptic cream instead!


It actually worked! Spots look much calmer and smaller. I somehow managed to forget to do any of my skincare. I got up mid-afternoon and just couldn’t keep track of what time or even day it was, all day.


Woke up looking rather red, which I think is because I’ve been sat on the sofa that gets four hours of sun all week. This might be a little much for my skin when it’s got the Glycolic or Lactic Acid on it. I’ll be applying the Murad moisturiser with sun protection the next time I do this!


Before I’ve even applied any skincare my skin feels softer and smoother (apart from my stubborn nose) than I have ever felt it before, as if I’m wearing a really good primer! I’ve (mostly) been keeping hydrated and I’ve been eating little salads before meals to get some fresh veg everyday.

I’ve no idea what that big chunk of blonde hair is trying to do!?

Week 1 Conclusion

I was so sceptical that I would stick to this routine with my brain fog but I did, apart from just one day. It made me feel better about myself, because I’m actively doing something for my health and well-being.

After just one week, I didn’t expect my skin to feel and look good before I’d applied any products but it’s already working and my eye bags (I’ve had since I was a teen) have virtually gone!

The scar I have below my nose and mouth has flattened out more and looks smoother too.

I’m going to introduce a micellar water from Neal’s Yard Remedies next week to be able to cleanse without water if I wish and to get rid of any left over exfoliator gritty bits left around my hairline, which is where I think some those spots came from.

I forgot to do the face mask oops!

As always I love hearing what you think and if you have any tips, advice or similar experiences.


7 responses to “Trying to Get Naturally Healthy Skin in Just One Month – Week 1”

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  2. My Lifestyle Tips for Healthier Skin | Vamp It Up Manchester Avatar

    […] few months back I set myself a challenge to get healthier skin in just one month and I achieved it! Here are some general lifestyle tips, which have helped me to keep my skin […]


  3. Hunida Avatar

    Following a skin care routine has definitely helped me feel better these days, too. I wish I could get myself to do it everyday but it’s been like once a week for me.

    I was surprised how quickly your bumps faded! Amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Well at least once a week is better than nothing 😊 Turns our all they needed was gentle exfoliation and oil!

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. Sandra Avatar

    I’ve heard Murad is a great brand. The results look beautiful! You look dewy and happy!


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Oh thank you very much hon 😊 I’m so impressed that it’s working! Me looking genuinely happy in a selfie is a rare thing (my expression usually does a very wonky version of what I want it to do) so yes, I am very happy lol

      Liked by 1 person

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