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Life Lately – May

Our cute out door space (all thanks to me Dad). Its quite long but I’ve literally got my back against the opposite wall here. Terrace house in a city kind of shape. It gets full sun at mid-day for two hours so I’m glad my Dad is awake to water and mist it. ☺️

I’m staying with my Bloke mostly but come home after seven days and stay for a few days for some space, while my Dad stays with his partner. It’s a clever way to isolate without going a bit nuts after being around someone literally 24/7. Lots of antibacterial spray used of course!

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s appetite disappears in the hot weather? Two great ways to get enough protein when you don’t want to cook is to either make a salad with tuna or tofu (I get Tofoo Smoked when I can find it) and various nuts and some chickpeas OR you can put salad on corn or oat crackers with a cheese (or cashew nut) spread and red pesto.

I bought these wonderful summer palazzo pants from Matalan. They are so light weight, have a cute paper bag waist band and are as comfy as PJ’s but look rather stylish! They aren’t really high waisted but do define (create) my waist quite well.

I got a text from my Drs saying I’d be contacted by the council and a few days later a lovely lady (who was dealing with a pigeon that had flown into the call centre?!) told me I was on the ‘extremely vulnerable’ list because of my MS I’m guessing. She made sure I was coping okay, mentally and physically and asked if I wanted a food package. I explained about being veggie and my food intolerances and decided to opt out of getting one sent.

The one thing I did need and did get sorted was to be put on a list for Ocado and Tesco to get the ‘vulnerable’ home delivery slots to order of all their specialist foods and brands. Hurray!

A box did turn up at my house though by mistake. My Dad (not being privy to the phone conversation) just graciously accepted it. The things I used were pasta sauce (I had some free-from pasta in the back of the cupboard), potatoes, oranges and apples (there was also tinned veg and rice but we kept them in the box as we were already stocked up). We donated the box to Tesco’s food bank! I’m going online to cancel the boxes.

From desperately trying to tell teachers, bosses, Drs, staff at the job centre and the benefits agency that I was chronically ill/disabled before it was finally acknowledged in my mid-thirties, to having a lovely lady from the council phoning me and asking how I was feeling and saying how she could help, was quite astounding! I got all emotional when the box arrived actually.

Dad found these in ‘the big Tesco’ months ago and saved them as a treat for my birthday. I was so chuffed! They all have perfectly balanced flavours that aren’t to strong or too sweet.

How are you all doing?


3 responses to “Life Lately – May”

  1. Sandra Avatar

    I love your cheery garden! Nice work! Sounds like you are in really good hands. I’m sorry it’s been a long haul but hopefully that’s behind you now. We are doing ok. Experiencing some financial challenges along with about 40 million others in the US, so at least we are in good company. And in good health. Stay safe Chrissie! ❤️

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      I’m very lucky my Dad and my Bloke get on well and only live about 15 minutes apart. It does make you realise just how much savings a person really needs in order to get through something like this without worry, doesn’t it! Glad to hear you are safe and well anyway. 🖤✨


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