Frida Kahlo Beaded Earrings from Sour Cherry

I bought these gorgeous Frida Kahlo earrings from an independent shop called Sour Cherry (which also stocks handmade jewellery by Wilderness). The jewellery is designed and hand made by Kayleigh, Katy and Ana and the designs are quirky-cute! You can visit Sour Cherry online as well as visiting the shop in Afflecks, Oldham/Tib/Church Street, Manchester.

Such thoughtful packaging ^_^

They’ve stated that they will not be restocking these so you better get them while stocks last!


8 responses to “Frida Kahlo Beaded Earrings from Sour Cherry”

  1. These are great Chrissie! I adore Frida! ❤️

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  2. […] out the Frida Kahlo earrings I bought from Sour Cherry […]


  3. Oh dear, well they do say that parts of the body relate to others and can have positive/negative effects (like getting certain parts of your ears pierced or the soles of your feet massaged). I mean I have four different ear piercings lol


  4. Ah, visiting Manchester again. Lovely earrings if you have pierced ears! I’ve never ventured there cuz I’m too squeamish! Great photo, btw.

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    1. Always nice to have you visit hon. Thanks! My Mum never wore earrings for pierced ears, as she got them pierced but they just kept healing up and wouldn’t work!? I never had a problem with mine, just felt like a pinch and that was it, all four times. Xx

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      1. Hahaha. I don’t think I made it past 4 tries, either. Gave me such a headache!

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