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October in Photo’s

These are screenshots from my Instagram, which I find are a great way to recap and share my month with you.

Featuring my fave cruelty-free beauty products, veggie places, blog posts and style, to creepy-cute stuff and independent artists/designers.

1st row: Dr Martens outfit; armour ring and earrings; my avatar wearing cat ears, watching spooky films.

2nd row: Sunday quote; Zao concealer; Bat tee from EMP outfit.

3rd row: Mexicana vegan chilli cheese block from Asda; my avatar as a bat; the trees outside the housing turning lime green and lemon yellow.

4th row: Halloween art by @thisisjonturner ; October quote; copper coloured Ciate nail polish.

1st row: ‘Being normal is vastly over rated’ Aggie Cromwell quote; ghost and vampire dolls; Leopard print dress from Hellbunny outfit.

2nd row: Selfie; planning the week ahead in my planner; salt and pepper tofu.

3rd row: Acers in garden; spooky pins on my handbag; Oomph!, rice and green beans.

4th row: Soul and body quote; stickers on my laptop; spooky mummy plushie.

1st row: Funny haunted quote; plants on windowsill; black Zoya nail polish and star decals.

2nd row: Watching Teen Witch; bat decoration and plants on windowsill and golden trees outside; Cheers! selfie

3rd row: Headless horsewench by @coloquix; funny anti-social quote; pad-Thai noodles.

4th row: Ghost necklace from Em and Sprout; Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar; Zad’s Zadams Family vegan Pizza.

1st row: Ghost cartoon; vegan sweets from Cruelty Free Candy; Halloween black cat makeup.

2nd row: Creepy looking Scottish loch; alternative selfies; full moon behind a church steeple.

3rd row: Ghost joke; red dress selfie; my bloke’s tee from Hoodie Lab.

4th row: Red dress, biker jacket and knee boots outfit; creepy bird statue in front of hazy full moon; Mediterranean wrap.


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