Outfit Inspiration Needed! Can You Help Me?

πŸ’‘I need outfit ideas!πŸ’‘

I spontaneously dropped quite a bit of dosh (a rare thing for me) on these Docs ages ago but I have no idea what to wear them with with!

Some suggestions have been a) 80’s Hair-metal b) 90’s Girly grunge/Riot Grrrl teaming them with a floaty short dress c) Sexy grunge teaming them with a leather/denim mini or skinny jeans, which I guess plays into suggestion a.

Any ideas or comments, lovely people?


6 thoughts on “Outfit Inspiration Needed! Can You Help Me?

  1. OHEMGEE! These are beautiful! I’m such a sucker for DM’s… I live in my metallic purple pair & I wear them with almost everything, these are certainly show-stoppers & so I’d probably wear them with black tights & a skirt to give them the greatest opportunity to shine β™‘

    Pixee β™‘ | Thats What Pea Said


    • Ooh purple sparkly ones! I think your suggestion is probably closest to my own style. And that combo of black with pastel colours (basically Pastel-goth) has always appealed to me. Thanks Pixee! Maybe when I get more used to them, I’ll get more confident with what I pair them with. Xx

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