I’ve Found the Holy Grail of Highlighters!

Hello lovely people!

Revolution Highlighter Reloaded in Raise The Bar, is like applying sunshine to your skin.

I’ve never before

a) Used a highlighter which looks like I am so naturally radiant

b) Found one which matches my cool, olive skin properly

c) Found a powder one which blends really well and isn’t drying

This is amazing!

Here I’m standing in front of a big window but on a very gloomy day and I’m not wearing any foundation or concealer JUST THE HIGHLIGHTER (photo makes me seem a little more warm toned than I actually am).

Because it includescool – almost green – tones it reduces the appearance of slight red patches too!

Rating 💙💙💙💙💙

Cruelty free and vegan


3 responses to “I’ve Found the Holy Grail of Highlighters!”

  1. I know what highlighter is, but I have no idea how to apply it


    1. You apply it with a fluffy medium sized brush where the light would naturally hit your face, so on top of cheek bones, the tip or centre line of your nose and your chin.
      It’s so easy to use one that’s too pale for your skin and get a washed out look, which is why I was so pleased to find this one!

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      1. Yeah I’m super pale in winter, so that would probably happen to me.


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