Home Comforts for the Season (and accidental gluten)

Hello everyone! I think I may have consumed some gluten as I look cheeky but rather puffy – doh!

I’m so happy the evenings have gotten cooler in Manchester, Uk but I was only dressed all snuggly for about an hour because we had the back door open as someone was cooking (tiny kitchen, no extraction fan).

It’s that time of year where I get a bit obsessed with cozy cushions. Both sofas and my bed are full, so now I’ve filed an entire chair with them so there’s no room for an actual person!

Floor cushions are a thing right?! ☺️

Don’t you love how old furniture in a house evolves?

[Using my skeleton towel as a tablecloth for the spooky season]

Originally a pine antique dressing table, then a house-phone stand to which I added an owl lamp and a giant ceramic mushroom, and now people use this when making important (mobile) phone calls and taking notes, or as a calm space to sit next to when reading a book to rest their cuppa tea and snacks on 🤗

I’d love to know how your home is slowly evolving to suit you?


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